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A revision of the New Zealand Placostylus land snails using mitochondrial DNA and shell morphometric analyses, with implications for conservation
Abstract We have analysed mitochondrial DNA and shell morphometric data from all species and subspecies of Placostylus land snails in New Zealand. These subspecies were originally described on theExpand
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Successful translocation of the threatened New Zealand root-holoparasite Dactylanthus taylorii (Mystropetalaceae)
The conservation and translocation of threatened holoparasitic flowering plants provide added challenges due to their complete host dependency and often large knowledge gaps of their autecology.Expand
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Applying triclopyr to Russell lupins (Lupinus polyphyllus) before seed pods mature affects seed development and seed/seedling viability
Lupinus polyphyllus, known in New Zealand as Russell lupin, is an herbaceous perennial that is invasive in a number of countries outside its natural range in North America. Knowledge of the optimumExpand
Disease Detection in Plants using Convolutional Neural Network
This paper proposes the techniques involved in the detection of diseases in very early stage using image processing and the classification is made using convolutional neural network. Expand