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Effect of Composition and Cooling Rate on the Microstructure of SnAgCu-Solder Joints
In this study the solder alloys SnAg3.5, SnAg3.0Cu0.5, SnAg3.8Cu0.7 and SnAg2.7Cu0.4Ni0.05 have been analysed in order to determine variations in microstructure caused by cooling rate, solderExpand
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Thermo-mechanical characterization and modeling of TSV annealing behavior
This paper focuses on the characterization and Finite Element (FE) simulation of thermo-mechanical loads in Through Silicon Vias (TSVs), which emerge due to the annealing process after electroExpand
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Detection of buried reference structures by use of atomic force acoustic microscopy.
The miniaturization of micro- and nanoelectronic components requires new methods for the inspection of buried inner structures at the nanoscale. We used the atomic force acoustic microscopy techniqueExpand
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3D integrated LTCC module using /spl mu/BGA technology for compact C-band RF front-end module
This paper presents a novel 3D integration approach for system-on-package (SOP) based solutions for wireless communication applications. This concept has been applied for the 3D integration of a CExpand
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Life time prediction for lead-free solder joints under vibration loads
In this work the life time of solder joints of SMD components is studied under vibration loading. This kind of purely mechanical load is one of the main failure causes in automotive electronics. AExpand
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Reliability study on chip capacitor solder joints under thermo-mechanical and vibration loading
In this work we present the results on a reliability study on chip capacitor solder joints. The components were tested under three different loading conditions. First, temperature shock tests wereExpand
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Characterization methods for determination of temperature depended electrical, thermal, mechanical and fatigue properties of SnAg3.5 solder
The application of solder joints for electrical and mechanical interconnections between two functional layers in electronic packages will be present in future devices, even in 3D-electronic devices.Expand
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Creep of eutectic SnAgCu in thermally treated solder joints
The creep behaviour of Sn96.5Ag3.5 and Sn95.5Ag3.8Cu0.7 solder was studied specifically for its dependence on technological and environmental factors. The technological factors considered wereExpand
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Combining experimental and simulation methods for the mechanical characterisation of lead free solder alloys under high strain rate loads
The scope of the paper is to present the result of combining experimental and simulation methodologies to determine mechanical material properties at high strain rates. Miniature bulk specimens whichExpand
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Fatigue measurement setup under combined thermal and vibration loading on electronic SMT assembly
In this work we introduce an experimental setup for combined thermal and vibration experiments which provides well-defined load conditions, ability of in-situ load measurement and rigging-free orExpand
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