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Infrared Spectrum and Vibrational Assignment for Chlorine Monoxide, Cl2O
Infrared studies of chlorine monoxide (16O and 18O) in the region 200–4000 cm−1 for both gas and condensed phases are presented. The spectra require reassignment of the stretching fundamentals andExpand
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Photolysis of Matrix‐Isolated Dichlorine Monoxide: Infrared Spectra of ClClO and (ClO)2
In situ photolysis of matrix‐isolated dichlorine monoxide, Cl2O, at 20°K, produced eight bands near 960 cm−1 and a quartet near 375 cm−1. Growth plots for the high‐frequency features duringExpand
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Guided fantasy encounter.
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The multipurpose batch station (MBS) system: software design
In 1971, Bell Laboratories undertook the development of a minicomputer based batch terminal system primarily to support remote computing activities at its many locations. Expand
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Cryogenic System for Optical Spectroscopy
A cryogenic system designed around a Joule-Thomson liquifier capable of maintaing hydrogen temperatures for long periods of time and a simple cryostat suitable for simultaneous infrared andExpand
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Infrared analysis of gases: a new method.
Transferable FORTRAN Subroutine for Rapid Extended Sorting
  • M. Rochkind
  • Computer Science
  • IEEE Transactions on Computers
  • 1 March 1970
A transferable, utility grade, FORTRAN subroutine is described which sorts lists of arbitrary length and simultaneously resequences up to ten additional lists so as to retain a one-to-one correspondence between the elements of these additional lists and those of the list being sorted. Expand
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An Infrared Spectroscopic Study on TbF3 in Solid Nitrogen and on Electroluminescent Thin Films of ZnS:TbF3
A search was carried out for the infrared spectrum of the TbF3 molecule in thin films of ZnS: TbF3 which form the active layers in efficient electroluminescent structures. The vibrational spectrum ofExpand
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