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INTERNET USES AND GRATIFICATIONS: A Structural Equation Model of Interactive Advertising
This study investigates the interactivity construct in terms of its antecedents (i.e., motivations for using the Internet) and consequences (i.e., attitude toward the site, attitude toward the brand,
Agenda setting and political advertising: Origins of the news agenda
The number of potential sources shaping the media's agenda is large, ranging from external sources in government and the private sector to the idiosyncrasies of individual journalists. The focus in
Agenda Setting and Issue Salience Online
Media coverage apparently can provide individuals with information they can use in their EBB specific-issue discussions, and an ARIMA model cross-correlational test showed EBB discussions of three issuescorrelated with news media coverage, with time lags varying from 1 day to 7 days.
Agenda Setting and Agenda Melding in an Age of Horizontal and Vertical Media: A New Theoretical Lens for Virtual Brand Communities
This study tests agenda-setting theory and the agenda-melding hypothesis in the context of brand actors and virtual brand communities. The aggregate attribute agendas of brand-controlled
Cross-Cultural Differences in Motivations and Perceived Interactivity: A Comparative Study of American and Korean Internet Users
Abstract The purpose of this study was to examine cultural differences in motivations for using the Internet and consumers' interactivity on a website. Cultural context was used to explain cultural
The Value of “Authenticity” in “Glocal” Strategic Communication: The New Juan Valdez Campaign
This case study describes the use of a glocal communication strategy to unveil a new Colombian coffee ambassador, Juan Valdez. The strategy is based on nation building and global branding, utilizing
Predicting Voting Behavior via the Agenda-Setting Tradition
The agenda-setting function has primarily reinforced the premise that the mass media do not tell people what to think, but what to think about. The possibility that the agenda-setting function may
Global Interactive Advertising
Abstract Global interactive advertising is becoming an important key term for the current marketplace as Internet usage continues to climb at astounding rates on a worldwide basis. The authors
Communicating Corporate Social Responsibility and Brand Sincerity: A Case Study of Chipotle Mexican Grill's ‘Food with Integrity’ Program
Using a multidisciplinary case study approach, including in-depth interviews, a survey and text analysis, this research analyzes how U.S.-based fast-casual restaurant chain Chipotle Mexican Grill
Animal Use in Award-Winning TV Commercials in China versus the U.S.
This study compared the usage and executional elements of animals in TV commercials between China and the United States, and examined the differences in human-animal relationships reflected in television commercials.