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Amoebicidal efficiencies of various diamidines against two strains of Acanthamoeba polyphaga.
The first medical cure of Acanthamoeba keratitis was obtained by use of propamidine isethionate. Since then, it has been the basic drug recommended for use in treatment. Because some AcanthamoebaExpand
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Synthesis and antiviral study of dihydrothieno and thianopyrimidine diones acyclic nucleosides as potential anti-HIV agents
Abstract Acyclic nucleosides were prepared by alkylation of dihydrothieno and thianopyrimidines diones following Vorbruggen and Niedballa's method.(1) None of these HEPT analogues showed significantExpand
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Mutagenicity of nitro- and amino-substituted carbazoles in Salmonella typhimurium. I. Monosubstituted derivatives of 9H-carbazole.
Mononitro, monoamino and monoacetamido carbazoles were assayed for mutagenicity in Salmonella typhimurium strains TA1535, TA1538, TA1537, TA1977, TA98 and TA100, with and without the addition of S9Expand
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Novel and selective partial agonists of 5-HT3 receptors. 2. Synthesis and biological evaluation of piperazinopyridopyrrolopyrazines, piperazinopyrroloquinoxalines, and
In continuation of our previous work on piperazinopyrrolothienopyrazine derivatives, three series of piperazinopyridopyrrolopyrazines, piperazinopyrroloquinoxalines, andExpand
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New arylhexahydropyrimidinediones: Synthesis, benzodiazepine receptor affinity and anticonvulsant activity
Summary Synthesis of new 3-alkyl-6-arylhexahydropyrimidine-2,4-dione derivatives was achieved starting from various benzaldehydes. Their affinity towards the benzodiazepine receptor and theirExpand
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