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Superspace or One Thousand and One Lessons in Supersymmetry
The 1983 book, free at last, with corrections and bookmarks. From the original troff, but now with CM (TeX) fonts.
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Twisted multiplets and new supersymmetric non-linear σ-models☆☆☆★
Abstract A new D = 2 supersymmetric representation, the twisted chiral multiplet, is derived. Describing spins zero and one-half, the twisted multiplet is used to formulate supersymmetric nonlinearExpand
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Hyperkähler metrics and supersymmetry
We describe two constructions of hyperkähler manifolds, one based on a Legendre transform, and one on a sympletic quotient. These constructions arose in the context of supersymmetric nonlinearExpand
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Duality, quotients, and currents
We study the generalization of R → 1/R duality to arbitrary conformally invariant sigma models with an isometry. We show that any pair of dual sigma models can be represented as quotients of aExpand
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Partial breaking of global D = 4 supersymmetry, constrained superfields, and three-brane actions
We show that the connection between partial breaking of supersymmetry and nonlinear actions is not accidental and has to do with constraints that lead directly to nonlinear actions of the Born-InfeldExpand
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Self-interacting tensor multiplets in N = 2 superspace
Abstract We give the N = 2 superspace action for self-interacting tensor multiplets in four dimensions and discuss the relation to the harmonic superspace recently proposed by Galperin et al.
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Scalar tensor duality and N = 1,2 non-linear σ-models
Using N = 1 superfields, we investigate the duality between chiral multiplets and tensor multiplets. We find that the relation can be expressed in terms of a Legendre transform. We use this relationExpand
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Hypermultiplets, hyperKähler cones and quaternion-Kähler geometry
We study hyperkahler cones and their corresponding quaternion-Kahler spaces. We present a classification of 4(n − 1)-dimensional quaternion- Kahler spaces with n abelian quaternionic isometries,Expand
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Linearizing the Volkov-Akulov model
The nonlinear realization of supersymmetry of Volkov and Akulov is related to a constrained linear realization in two and four dimensions.
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Improved Methods for Supergraphs
We introduce some new techniques into superfield perturbation theory which allow considerable simplifications in calculations. As a result, we show that all contributions to the effective action canExpand
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