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Interfacial area measurements for unsaturated flow through a porous medium
[1] Multiphase flow and contaminant transport in porous media are strongly influenced by the presence of fluid-fluid interfaces. Recent theoretical work based on conservation laws and the second lawExpand
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Ferric-ferrous equilibria in natural silicate liquids at 1 bar
Ferric and ferrous iron concentrations have been measured in 57 silicate liquids equilibrated at temperatures (1,200°–1,330°C) above the liquidus and at oxygen fugacities close to those defined byExpand
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Ultrasonic studies of silicate melts
The ultrasonic velocity and absorption of 32 silicate melts have been determined as a function of temperature (1175–1925 K) and frequency (3–12 MHz). The samples include the components SiO2, TiO2,Expand
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Laser heated diamond cell system at the Advanced Photon Source for in situ x-ray measurements at high pressure and temperature
We describe a laser heated diamond anvil cell system at the GeoSoilEnviroCARS sector at the Advanced Photon Source. The system can be used for in situ x-ray measurements at simultaneously ultrahighExpand
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Melting and crystal structure of iron at high pressures and temperatures
High-pressure melting, phase transitions and structures of iron have been studied to 84 GPa and 3500 K with an improved laser heated diamond anvil cell technique and in situ high P-T x-rayExpand
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The Gibbs free energy of mixing of natural silicate liquids; an expanded regular solution approximation for the calculation of magmatic intensive variables
The compositions of liquids coexisting with experimentally grown crystals of olivine, plagioclase, clinopyroxene, orthopyroxene, leucite, spinel, rhombohedral oxide, melilite and potassium feldsparExpand
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Using X-ray computed tomography in hydrology: systems, resolutions, and limitations
A combination of advances in experimental techniques and mathematical analysis has made it possible to characterize phase distribution and pore geometry in porous media using non-destructive X-rayExpand
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Three-dimensional Microorganization of the Soil–Root–Microbe System
Soils contain the greatest reservoir of biodiversity on Earth, and the functionality of the soil ecosystem sustains the rest of the terrestrial biosphere. This functionality results from complexExpand
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The COMPRES/GSECARS gas-loading system for diamond anvil cells at the Advanced Photon Source
We have designed and constructed a new system for loading gases at high pressure into diamond anvil cells at pressures up to 200 MPa. The gases are used either as quasi-hydrostatic pressure mediaExpand
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Pore-scale characteristics of multiphase flow in porous media: A comparison of air–water and oil–water experiments
Abstract Studies of NAPL dissolution in porous media have demonstrated that measurement of saturation alone is insufficient to describe the rate of dissolution. Quantification of the NAPL–waterExpand
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