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Alnumycin a new naphthoquinone antibiotic produced by an endophytic Streptomyces sp.
The culture broth (5 liters) was separated by filtration followed by concentration under reduced pressure (1 l iter) and extraction with ethyl acetate (3×1 liter). After drying over Na2SO4 theExpand
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Aurantimycins, new depsipeptide antibiotics from Streptomyces aurantiacus IMET 43917. Production, isolation, structure elucidation, and biological activity.
Aurantimycins A (1), B (2) and C (3) were isolated from the mycelium of Streptomyces aurantiacus JA 4570 as new representatives of the azinothricin group of hexadepsipeptide antibiotics. TheirExpand
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New macrodiolide antibiotics, 11-O-monomethyl- and 11, 11'-O-dimethylelaiophylins, from Streptomyces sp. HKI-0113 and HKI-0114.
Elaiophylin (1) and two new methyl derivatives, 11-O-monomethylelaiophylin (2) and 11,11'-O-dimethylelaiophylin (3), were isolated from the mycelium cake of Streptomyces strains HKI-0113 andExpand
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Chrysospermins, new peptaibol antibiotics from Apiocrea chrysosperma Ap101.
Four new members of peptaibol antibiotics, designated as chrysospermins A, B, C, and D, were isolated from the mycelium of Apiocrea chrysosperma Ap101 by solvent extraction, silica gel chromatographyExpand
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Helioferins; novel antifungal lipopeptides from Mycogone rosea: screening, isolation, structures and biological properties.
Helioferins A and B were detected as novel aminolipopeptides in cultures of Mycogone rosea DSM 8822 in the course of a screening for mediators of helianthate anion transfer from aqueous to tolueneExpand
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Nocardicyclins A and B: new anthracycline antibiotics produced by Nocardia pseudobrasiliensis.
Nocardicyclins A (1) and B (2), new anthracycline antibiotics have been isolated from the mycelial cake of Nocardia pseudobrasiliensis IFM 0624 (JCM 9894). The molecular formulae of 1 and 2 have beenExpand
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Demethyl mutactimycins, new anthracycline antibiotics from Nocardia and Streptomyces strains.
New anthracycline antibiotics 3'-O-demethyl mutactimycin (3) and 4-O,3'-O-didemethyl mutactimycin (4) were isolated from two actinomycetes strains, Nocardia transvalensis and Streptomyces sp. GWExpand
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Metabolic Products of Microorganisms, 266. Serpentene, a Novel Polyene Carboxylic Acid from Streptomyces
From the culture filtrate of Streptomyces sp. a novel, bright yellow polyene carboxylic acid, named serpentene (1), was isolated by chemical screening methods. The structure elucidation of 1 isExpand
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Ampullosporin, a new peptaibol-type antibiotic from Sepedonium ampullosporum HKI-0053 with neuroleptic activity in mice.
Ampullosporin (I; Ac-Trp-Ala-Aib-Aib-Leu-Aib-Gln-Aib-Aib-Aib-Gln-Leu-Aib-Gln-Leuol) was isolated from the mycelium of Sepedonium ampullosporum as a new 15-membered peptaibol-type antibiotic. TheExpand
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