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Insights into Structure and Function of the Active Site of SoxAX Cytochromes*
SoxAX cytochromes catalyze the formation of heterodisulfide bonds between inorganic sulfur compounds and a carrier protein, SoxYZ. They contain unusual His/Cys-ligated heme groups with complexExpand
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SoxAX Cytochromes, a New Type of Heme Copper Protein Involved in Bacterial Energy Generation from Sulfur Compounds*
SoxAX cytochromes are essential for the function of the only confirmed pathway for bacterial thiosulfate oxidation, the so-called “Sox pathway,” in which they catalyze the initial formation of a S-SExpand
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An unprecedented Fe(III)(mu-OH)Zn(II) complex that mimics the structural and functional properties of purple acid phosphatases.
This communication reports the synthesis and X-ray structure of the first mixed-valence FeIIIZnII complex containing the FeIII(μ-OH)ZnII structural unit. Based on the structure, physicochemicalExpand
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Radiological manifestations of ankylosing spondylitis according to age at onset.
Although ankylosing spondylitis usually starts in the third decade of life, in both men and women, Wilkinson and Bywaters (1958) found that in 18 per cent. of 222 cases the onset occurred in theExpand
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Serological survey for Toxoplasma infections in sheep.
A factorial-design survey was performed to determine the prevalence of specific antibody against Toxoplasma in young and adult sheep from 6 areas in 3 different geoclimatic zones in South Australia.Expand
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Effects of vibronic coupling on the EPR spectra of copper(II) doped K2ZnF4
Abstract The single crystal g-values of ≈≈ 1% Cu2+ doped into tetragonal K2ZnF4 measured over a temperature range between 4 and 295 K are reported. The results are interpreted in terms of aExpand
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Dynamic behavior of the Jahn-Teller distorted Cu(H(2)O)(6)(2+) ion in Cu(2+) doped Cs(2)[Zn(H(2)O)(6)](ZrF(6))(2) and the crystal structure of the host lattice.
The temperature dependence of the X- and Q-band EPR spectra of Cs(2)[Zn(H(2)O)(6)](ZrF(6))(2) containing approximately 1% Cu(2+) is reported. All three molecular g-values vary with temperature, andExpand
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Completion of the isomorphous Ln(trensal) series
The CeIII, PrIII, NdIII, GdIII and YbIII complexes of the heptadentate ligand 2,2´,2´´-tris(salicylideneimino) triethylamine, H3trensal (in its trianionic form), have been synthesized andExpand
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Photoinduced electron transfer and electronic energy transfer in naphthyl-appended cyclams.
A series of novel macrocyclic tetraaza ligands that incorporate a naphthalene moiety as a photoactive chromophore have been prepared and structurally characterized as their Cu(II) complexes.Expand
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