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Sensory characterization of rooibos tea and the development of a rooibos sensory wheel and lexicon
Abstract Rooibos samples were collected throughout the 2009 harvesting season from different geographic areas in the Western Cape, South Africa, and from different producers to capture as muchExpand
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Sensory profiling of honeybush tea (Cyclopia species) and the development of a honeybush sensory wheel
Abstract Several Cyclopia species ( Cyclopia sessiliflora , Cyclopia longifolia , Cyclopia genistoides , Cyclopia intermedia , Cyclopia subternata and Cyclopia maculata ), used as honeybush herbalExpand
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Sensory profile of rooibos originating from the Western and Northern Cape governed by production year and development of rooibos aroma wheel.
Abstract Aspalathus linearis is cultivated in the Western Cape and Northern Cape provinces of South Africa for the production of rooibos, a herbal tea with a global footprint. A total of 208 samples,Expand
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Optimising high-temperature oxidation of Cyclopia species for maximum development of characteristic aroma notes of honeybush herbal tea infusions
Abstract The effect of oxidation temperature and time on the sensory characteristics of Cyclopia genistoides , C . subternata , C . maculata and C . longifolia was investigated to establish theExpand
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Variation in the sensory profile of South African Dorper lamb from extensive grazing systems
Descriptive sensory analysis was used to determine the variation in the sensory profiles of extensively produced South African Dorper lamb. The Longissimus thoracis et lumborum and subcutaneous fatExpand
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Major production areas of rooibos (Aspalathus linearis) deliver herbal tea of similar phenolic and phenylpropenoic acid glucoside content
Abstract A large sample set (n = 209) of fermented, unpasteurised rooibos, spanning the production years 2011–2013, was collected from the two major production areas (Western Cape and Northern Cape,Expand
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Performance of confidence intervals on the among group variance in the unbalanced one-factor random effects model
The objective of this paper is to simultaneously compare the performance of six methods for constructing approximate confidence intervals on the among-group variance component in a simulation studyExpand
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Effect of Saccharomyces, Non-Saccharomyces Yeasts and Malolactic Fermentation Strategies on Fermentation Kinetics and Flavor of Shiraz Wines
The use of non-Saccharomyces yeasts to improve complexity and diversify wine style is increasing; however, the interactions between non-Saccharomyces yeasts and lactic acid bacteria (LAB) have notExpand
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DMI sensitivity and cross-resistance patterns of Rhynchosporium secalis isolates from South Africa
Abstract Isolates of R. secalis were collected yearly from the Ruens area of the Western Cape during the 1993–1995 growing seasons. These isolates were evaluated in vitro to determine sensitivity toExpand
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Modulation of Wine Flavor using Hanseniaspora uvarum in Combination with Different Saccharomyces cerevisiae, Lactic Acid Bacteria Strains and Malolactic Fermentation Strategies
Hanseniaspora uvarum is one of the predominant non-Saccharomyces yeast species found on grapes and in juice, but its effect on lactic acid bacteria (LAB) growth and wine flavor has not beenExpand
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