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Synthesis of iron fertilization experiments: From the iron age in the age of enlightenment
Comparison of eight iron experiments shows that maximum Chl a, the maximum DIC removal, and the overall DIC/Fe efficiency all scale inversely with depth of the wind mixed layer (WML) defining theExpand
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Large-scale distribution of Atlantic nitrogen fixation controlled by iron availability
Oceanic fixed-nitrogen concentrations are controlled by the balance between nitrogen fixation and denitrification1, 2, 3, 4. A number of factors, including iron limitation5, 6, 7, can restrictExpand
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A global ocean inventory of anthropogenic mercury based on water column measurements
Mercury is a toxic, bioaccumulating trace metal whose emissions to the environment have increased significantly as a result of anthropogenic activities such as mining and fossil fuel combustion.Expand
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The Distribution of Dissolved Iron in the West Atlantic Ocean
Iron (Fe) is an essential trace element for marine life. Extremely low Fe concentrations limit primary production and nitrogen fixation in large parts of the oceans and consequently influence oceanExpand
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Neodymium isotopic composition and concentration in the western North Atlantic Ocean: Results from the GEOTRACES GA02 section
The neodymium (Nd) isotopic composition of seawater is commonly used as a proxy to study past changes in the thermohaline circulation. The modern database for such reconstructions is however poor andExpand
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Determination of nitrate and phosphate in seawater at nanomolar concentrations
Over much of the world's surface oceans, nitrate and phosphate concentrations are below the limit of detection (LOD) of conventional techniques of analysis. However, these nutrients play aExpand
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Thermal tolerance ranges and climate variability: A comparison between bivalves from differing climates
The climate variability hypothesis proposes that in variable temperate climates poikilothermic animals have wide thermal tolerance windows, whereas in constant tropical climates they have smallExpand
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The GEOTRACES Intermediate Data Product 2017
The GEOTRACES Intermediate Data Product 2017 (IDP2017) is the second publicly available data product of the international GEOTRACES programme, and contains data measured and quality controlled beforeExpand
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Kinetic study reveals weak Fe-binding ligand, which affects the solubility of Fe in the Scheldt estuary
The chemistry of dissolved Fe(III) was studied in the Scheldt estuary (The Netherlands). Two discrete size fractions of the dissolved bulk (<0.2 μm and <1 kDa) were considered at three salinitiesExpand
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Uranium stable isotope fractionation in the Black Sea: Modern calibration of the 238 U/ 235 U paleo-redox proxy
Abstract The isotopic compositions of redox-sensitive metals, including uranium (U), in marine sediments have recently emerged as powerful diagnostic tracers of the redox state of the ancientExpand
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