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Ordinary women and men: superintendents and Jews in the Budapest yellow-star houses in 1944–1945
  • M. Rigó
  • History
  • Urban History
  • 19 December 2012
ABSTRACT: The present article investigates how everyday people shaped the outcome of discriminatory measures during the Nazi persecution of Budapest Jews, primarily by looking into micro-level socialExpand
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The Long First World War and the survival of business elites in East-Central Europe: Transylvania’s industrial boom and the enrichment of economic elites
Abstract This article explores one often-overlooked consequence and paradox of the First World War: the prosperity of business elites and bankers in service of the war effort, despite the destructionExpand
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A Hungarian Version of the Historikerstreit? A Summary of the Romsics-Gerő Debate among Hungarian Historians
In 2012 a debate took place among Hungarian academics about how to write the country's 20th-century history in an ethically and professionally adequate way, with a particular focus on anti-SemitismExpand
Imperial Currencies after the Fall of Empires: The Conversion of the German Paper Mark and the Austro-Hungarian Crown at the End of the First World War
  • M. Rigó
  • Political Science
  • Central European History
  • 1 September 2020
Abstract Following the 1918 collapse of the two major empires that ruled central Europe, Austria-Hungary and Germany, successor states inherited billions of increasingly depreciating paper monies.Expand
Interview with Mate Rigo--May 14, 2017
Interview Themes 01:00 East-Central European history camouflaged as Hungarian history in Hungarian primary and high schools? 03:00 Learning Slovak and Romanian in graduate school 04:00 EarlyExpand
New Versailles or a Velvet Revolution? Brexit and the Exits of Central and Eastern European History, 1916–2016
This essay situates Brexit in the context of the first and the last moments of rupture in twentiethcentury Europe: the First World War and the ensuing collapse of Central European empires, on the oneExpand