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Dimension and Stable Rank in the K‐Theory of C*‐Algebras
In topological K-theory, which can be viewed as the algebraic side of the theory of vector bundles, some of the interesting properties which one investigates are, for example, the conditions under
C∗-algebras associated with irrational rotations
For any irrational number a let Aa be the transformation group C*-algebra for the action of the integers on the circle by powers of the rotation by angle 2πa. It is known that Aa is simple and has a
Deformation Quantization for Actions of R ]D
Oscillatory integrals The deformed product Function algebras The algebra of bounded operators Functoriality for the operator norm Norms of deformed deformations Smooth vectors, and exactness
Metrics on states from actions of compact groups
Let a compact Lie group act ergodically on a unital $C^*$-algebra $A$. We consider several ways of using this structure to define metrics on the state space of $A$. These ways involve length
Projective Modules over Higher-Dimensional Non-Commutative Tori
The non-commutative tori provide probably the most accessible interesting examples of non-commutative differentiable manifolds. We can identify an ordinary n-torus rn with its algebra, C(rn), of
Deformation quantization of Heisenberg manifolds
ForM a smooth manifold equipped with a Poisson bracket, we formulate aC*-algebra framework for deformation quantization, including the possibility of invariance under a Lie group of diffeomorphisms