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Models for count data with many zeros
Poisson regression models provide a standard framework for the analysis of count data. Expand
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Estimating intraclass correlation for binary data.
This paper reviews many different estimators of intraclass correlation that have been proposed for binary data and compares them in an extensive simulation study. Some of the estimators are veryExpand
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A score test for testing a zero-inflated Poisson regression model against zero-inflated negative binomial alternatives.
Count data often show a higher incidence of zero counts than would be expected if the data were Poisson distributed. Zero-inflated Poisson regression models are a useful class of models for suchExpand
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The detection and estimation of Verticillium dahliae in naturally infested soil
The effects of several factors on the estimation of Verticillium dahliae in soil by the wet-sieving method were studied. The following factors were important for maximising recovery: the removal ofExpand
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Finite mixture models for proportions.
Six data sets recording fetal control mortality in mouse litters are presented. The data are clearly overdispersed, and a standard approach would be to describe the data by means of a beta-binomialExpand
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Overview of the overlap package
Camera traps – cameras linked to detectors so that they fire when an animal is present – are a major source of information on the abundance and habitat preferences of rare or shy forest animals.Expand
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Testing for random dropouts in repeated measurement data.
Diggle (1989, Biometrics 45, 1255-1258) proposes a test for random dropouts in repeated measurement data when the experiment has a completely randomized design. It is argued here that logisticExpand
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The effects of inoculum dose, duration of wet period, temperature and wound age on infection by Nectria galligena of pruning wounds on apple
Four experiments were conducted with potted trees of several apple cultivars to study the effects of several factors on the incidence of canker and the length of the incubation period following theExpand
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Effects of initial epidemic conditions, sporulation rate, and spore dispersal gradient on the spatio-temporal dynamics of plant disease epidemics.
ABSTRACT A stochastic model that simulates the spread of disease over space and time was developed to study the effects of initial epidemic conditions (number of initial inocula and their spatialExpand
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Micropropagation of common ash (Fraxinus excelsior)
Embryos extracted from dried seeds of common ash (Fraxinus excelsior), were germinated on growth regulator-free culture medium. Cotyledonary nodes from these seedlings were placed onto Murashige andExpand
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