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Ecumenical Expressivism: Finessing Frege*
Metaethical expressivism has many virtues. It can explain the depth of moral disagreement, fits easily into a naturalistic world view, and can explain how moral judgment guides action. Moreover,
Principled Ethics: Generalism As a Regulative Ideal
1. The many moral particularisms 2. Holism about reasons 3. Default reasons 4. Moral vision 5. Constitutive generalism 6. From moral knowledge to default principles 7. Beyond default principles or
Anti-Reductionism and Supervenience
In this paper, I argue that anti-reductionist moral realism still has trouble explaining supervenience. My main target here will be Russ Shafer-Landau's attempt to explain the supervenience of the
An exploration of the meanings and experiences of cancer of Chinese people living and working in London.
There is a need to improve knowledge about cancer in the Chinese community through the provision of culturally appropriate and accessible information on a variety of topics, including healthy lifestyles, cancer prevention and treatments, and by encouraging openness about cancer issues.
The basic idea of rule-utilitarianism is that right action should be defined in terms of what would be required by rules which would maximize either actual or expected utility if those rules gained
Modesty as a Virtue
L'A. entreprend une analyse conceptuelle de la notion de modestie qui se propose de mettre en evidence son caractere vertueux. Examinant le statut de la personne modeste dans la perspective de