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A new foot and ankle outcome score: Questionnaire based, subjective, Visual-Analogue-Scale, validated and computerized
Abstract Our purpose was to construct and validate a new score taking into consideration the flaws of existing scores. Methods A new score named Visual-Analogue-Scale Foot and Ankle (VAS FA) with theExpand
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Correlation of clinical findings, collision parameters, and psychological factors in the outcome of whiplash associated disorders
Objective: To determine prognostic factors for the duration and severity of acute symptoms in subjects with grade 1 or 2 whiplash injuries. Methods: Collision victims presenting to a trauma centreExpand
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Head injury mechanisms in helmet-protected motorcyclists: prospective multicenter study.
BACKGROUND In a prospective study, three research groups at Hannover (H) and Munich (M) in Germany and Glasgow (G) in the United Kingdom collected data from motorcycle crashes between July 1996 andExpand
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Long term results of compartment syndrome of the lower limb in polytraumatised patients.
Acute compartment syndrome represents a severe complication after trauma of the lower extremity. To date, there is limited knowledge about the outcome of compartment syndrome of the lower limb inExpand
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Correlation between crash severity, injury severity, and clinical course in car occupants with thoracic trauma: a technical and medical study.
BACKGROUND The crash mechanisms and clinical course of car occupants with thoracic injury were analyzed to determine prognostic factors and to create a basis for injury prophylaxis. METHODS AExpand
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Comparison of Surgical Repair or Reconstruction of the Cruciate Ligaments versus Nonsurgical Treatment in Patients with Traumatic Knee Dislocations
Background: Studies of traumatic knee dislocations have failed to provide a consensus regarding the best method of treatment. Purpose: Our purpose was to evaluate the results after surgical repair orExpand
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Fractures and Fracture Dislocations of the Midfoot: Occurrence, Causes and Long-term Results
Etiology and outcome of 155 patients with midfoot fractures between 1972 and 1997 were analyzed to create a basis for treatment optimization. Cause of injuries were traffic accidents (72.2%), fallsExpand
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Intraoperative Three-Dimensional Imaging With a Motorized Mobile C-Arm (SIREMOBIL ISO-C-3D) in Foot and Ankle Trauma Care: A Preliminary Report
Objective: The aim of the study was to assess the feasibility and benefit of the intraoperative use of a mobile C-arm with 3-dimensional imaging (ISO-C-3D). Design: Prospective consecutive clinicalExpand
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Foot Fractures in Restrained Front Seat Car Occupants: A Long-term Study Over Twenty-three Years
Objectives To analyze the mechanism of injury for foot and ankle fractures resulting from automobile accidents to create a basis for developing an improved design for protection. DesignExpand
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Achilles Tendon and Paratendon Microcirculation in Midportion and Insertional Tendinopathy in Athletes
Background Neovascularisation can be detected qualitatively by Power Doppler in Achilles tendinopathy. Quantitative data regarding tendon microcirculation have not been established and may beExpand
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