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Excepftonally Strong Near-Bottom Flows on the Continental Rise of Nova Scotia
Recent current velocity measurements across the lower continental rise of Nova Scotia show a deep equatorwardflow with speeds (maximum, 73 centimeters per second) among the highest recorded for the
Benthic storms, nepheloid layers, and linkage with upper ocean dynamics in the western North Atlantic
Abstract Benthic storms are episodic periods of strong abyssal currents and intense, benthic nepheloid (turbid) layer development. In order to interpret the driving forces that create and sustain
Chemical composition and tissue energy density of the cuttlefish (Sepia apama) and its assimilation efficiency by Diomedea albatrosses
The cuttlefish Sepia apama Gray (Mollusca: Cephalopoda) is a seasonally abundant food resource exploited annually by moulting albatrosses throughout winter and early spring in the coastal waters of
Sixteen-month time-series measurements of water velocity and light scattering were coupled with hydrographic and suspended particulate matter sections to determine the flux and the variability in
Particle size, light scattering and composition of suspended particulate matter in the North Atlantic
Suspended particulate matter characteristics were studied on the Iceland Rise and in the western North Atlantic southeast of New York. Comparison of suspended particulate matter (SPM) and
Composition and Characteristics of Particles in the Ocean: Evidence for Present Day Resuspension.
Abstract : This study of particulate matter in the water column and the underlying surface sediments verifies the occurrence of local, present-day resuspension in the deep sea. The location of the
Beam Attenuation Coefficients in the South Atlantic: Indicator of Oceanic Processes
Abstract : The ultimate goal of this research is to obtain global distributions of beam attenuation coefficients throughout the water column. This optical measurement will be correlated with particle
Optical Variability in the Equatorial and Southeast Pacific
Abstract : The ultimate goal of this research is to obtain global coverage of the three-dimensional spatial distribution of beam attenuation. These data will be combined with hydrographic data and