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Metabolism of Ferulic Acid to Vanillin
A gene encoding a novel enoyl-SCoA hydratase/lyase enzyme for the hydration and nonoxidative cleavage of feruloyl-SCoA to vanillin and acetyl-SCoA was isolated and characterized from a strain of
The use of the polymerase chain reaction in plant transformation studies
SummaryTransformed root lines of Nicotiana species, containing NPTII and Gus genes, were used to study the parameters affecting the use of the Polymerase Chain Reaction as a routine analytical tool
Effect of storage and domestic processing on the content and composition of flavonol glucosides in onion (Allium cepa)
The stability of the major flavonol glucosides, quercetin 3,4‘-O-diglucoside (QDG) and quercetin 4‘-O-monoglucoside (QMG), was studied in two varieties of onion (Red Baron and Crossbow) that were
Analysis of the Major Flavonol Glycosides Present in Four Varieties of Onion (Allium cepa) and Changes in Composition Resulting from Autolysis
The major flavonoids of mature onion bulb were confirmed as the 3,4′-O-diglucoside (Qdg) and 4′-O-monoglucoside (Qmg) of quercetin using a combination of chromatographic comparisons, mass
Composition and content of flavonol glycosides in broccoli florets (Brassica olearacea) and their fate during cooking
The two main flavonol glycosides present in broccoli florets were identified as quercetin 3-O-sophoroside and kaempferol 3-O-sophoroside. Three minor glucosides of quercetin and kaempferol were also
Molecular cloning and functional identification of a plant ornithine decarboxylase cDNA.
A cDNA for a plant ornithine decarboxylase (ODC), a key enzyme in putrescine and polyamine biosynthesis, has been isolated from root cultures of the solanaceous plant Datura stramonium and it is confirmed that the cDNA encodes an active ODC enzyme.
The biochemistry of the nucleic acids
  • M. Rhodes
  • Biology
    Transgenic Research
  • 1 May 1993
This eleventh edition of The Biochemistry of the Nucleic Acids succeeds in its dual goals of providing a readable textbook for advanced students while being a valuable source for researchers who wish to extend or intensify their understanding of those aspects of the biochemistry of RNA and DNA metabolism which underpin their own research programmes.