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Tricarbonyl[(1−5-η)-pentadienyl]manganese: A Source of Benzeneselenolatomanganese Derivatives of Diverse Nuclearity
Reaction of tricarbonyl[(1−5-η)-pentadienyl]manganese with benzeneselenol in the presence of bis(diphenylphosphino)ethane afforded a mononuclear (carbonyl)(phosphine)manganese compound with the
One pot synthesis of dimanganese carbonyl complexes containing sulfur and phosphorus donor ligands using tricarbonylpentadienylmanganese
Abstract The reaction of tricarbonylpentadienylmanganese with aryl mercaptans in the presence of phosphines or phosphites afforded dinuclear complexes, [Mn 2 (CO) 4 ( μ -CO)( μ -SR) 2 (PR′ 3 ) 2 ]; R
Synthesis of mixed-valence trinuclear carbonylmanganese dithiolates: Promoting vacant coordination sites in tricarbonyl[(1-5-η)-pentadienyl]manganese
Mixed-valence complexes Mn-3(CO)(6)(mu-S(CH2)(n)S-kappa(2)-S,S')(3) n = 2, 3, and 4 were prepared upon reaction of tricarbonyl[(1-5-eta)-pentadienyl]manganese with the respective alkanedithiols at
Reaction chemistry of tricarbonyl-η5-pentadienylmanganese: Straightforward synthesis of stable manganese carbonyl terminal thiolates and a dinuclear bis(ethylenediaminyl) complex
Abstract Tricarbonyl-η 5 -pentadienylmanganese reacts with mercaptans RSH, R = Ph, C 6 F 5 , m -NH 2 C 6 H 4 , p -NH 2 C 6 H 4 , and HSCH 2 CH 2 in the presence of ECH 2 CH 2 E, E = –PPh 2 or –NH 2
Synthetic studies on the preparation of [Mn(CO) 3 {P(OR) 3 }{κ 2 - S,S′ -Ph 2 P(S)NP(S)Ph 2 }], R = Ph, Et
Abstract Complexes [Mn(CO)3P(OR)3{κ2-S,S′-Ph2P(S)NP(S)Ph2}], R = Ph, Et were prepared using four reaction routes. P(OPh)3 presented similar electronic properties to CO in substitution reactions.
Synthesis and structural studies of phosphorus carbonyl manganacycles containing the tetraphenyldiselenoimidodiphosphinato ligand
Abstract The synthesis of rhenacycles [Re(CO)3(L){Ph2P(S)NP(S)Ph2-κ2S}] L = PPh3, (1), PMePh2 (2), PMe2Ph, (3), and PMe3, (4) by a straightforward high yield procedure is described. All new inorganic
Extraction and Conversion Studies of the Antiaddictive Alkaloids Coronaridine, Ibogamine, Voacangine, and Ibogaine from Two Mexican Tabernaemontana Species (Apocynaceae)
The findings facilitate and improve both the qualitative and quantitative analysis of CIVI‐complex‐containing plant material, as well as outlining a viable method for the bulk production of these scientifically and pharmaceutically important substances from Mexican Tabernaemontana species.
Organometallics alkylthiolate-bridged manganese cubanes
Abstract The thermal reaction of tricarbonyl-η 5 -pentadienylmanganese 1 , with mercaptans RSH leads to the corresponding tetramers [MnSR(CO) 3 ] 4 (R = penyl 2 , furfuryl 3 , and phenethyl 4 )S
Synthesis and structural study of divalent Cu, Zn, Cd and Pd complexes supported by 1,2,3-triazole-based chalcogen ligands
Abstract Transition metal complexes of the type [M{4,5-(P(E)Ph2)2tz}2(thf)n] [tz = 1,2,3-triazole; M = Cu, n = 2, E = S(3); M = Cu, n = 0, E = Se(4); M = Zn, n = 2, E = S(5); M = Cd, n = 2, E = S(7),
Spontaneous Formation of an Organometallic−Inorganic Dirhenium Carbonyl Cryptate Encapsulating a Sodium Cation
The reactions between the rhenium(I) complexes [ReBr(CO)5], [Re2Br2(CO)6(THF)2], and [ReOTf(CO)5] and Na[Ph2P(O)NP(O)Ph2] in toluene and THF under reflux and in dichloromethane at room temperature,...