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Ecological and physiological variability of Sr/Ca and Ba/Ca in mammals of West European mid-Würmian food webs
The Middle to Upper Paleolithic transition in Western Europe is characterized, from an ecological point of view, by large-ungulate communities adapted to cold climatic conditions. The aim of thisExpand
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Environmental and climatic evolution of the Namib Desert since the Middle Miocene: the contribution of carbon isotope ratios in ratite eggshells
Abstract Carbon isotope ratios of ratite eggshells were measured in samples without diagenetic alterations. Temporal evolution (Miocene to Recent) of this ratio is related to the diet of the birds,Expand
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Les Néandertaliens étaient-ils essentiellement carnivores ? Résultats préliminaires sur les teneurs en Sr et en Ba de la paléobiocénose mammalienne de Saint-Césaire
Abstract Strontium–calcium (Sr/Ca) and barium–calcium (Ba/Ca) ratios are reduced constantly between diet and bioapatite in mammal organisms. This phenomenon leads to a reduction in the Sr/Ca andExpand
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Treatment of cardiomyopathy has to take into account correction of etiology or improvement of aggravating factors. Management of cardiomyopathy is not basically different from treatment of classicExpand
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