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BACKGROUND Cardiovascular diseases refer to a group of diseases that affect the cardiovascular system; principally cardiac diseases, vascular diseases of the brain and kidney and peripheral arterial(More)
OBJECTIVES Diabetic patients with higher health literacy (HL) may feel more confident in their ability to perform self-care behaviors and may have strong beliefs that diabetes-related behaviors will(More)
BACKGROUND Health literacy is a measure of individual's ability to read, comprehend, and act on medical instructions. Older adults are one of the most important at risk groups affected by the impact(More)
INTRODUCTION The goal of this study was to determine the association between constructs of the Health Belief Model (HBM) (i.e., perceived susceptibility to health-related problems due to smoking,(More)
BACKGROUND Undoubtedly, proper nutrition has important role in safeguarding the individual from many diseases, especially chronic ones, and increasing ones physical and intellectual efficiency.(More)