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How Can SMEs Benefit from Big Data? Challenges and a Path Forward
Big data is big news, and large companies in all sectors are making significant advances in their customer relations, product selection and development and consequent profitability through using this valuable commodity. Expand
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Fault detection in the Tennessee Eastman benchmark process using dynamic principal components analysis based on decorrelated residuals (DPCA-DR)
A set of multivariate statistics based on DPCA and on the generation of decorrelated residuals were developed, that present low auto-correlation levels, and therefore are better positioned to implement SPC in a consistent and stable way (DPCA-DR). Expand
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Defining the structure of DPCA models and its impact on process monitoring and prediction activities
Abstract Dynamic Principal Component Analysis (DPCA) is an extension of Principal Component Analysis (PCA), developed in order to add the ability to capture the autocorrelative behavior of processes,Expand
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A systematic comparison of PCA-based statistical process monitoring methods for high-dimensional, time-dependent processes
High-dimensional and time-dependent data pose significant challenges to Statistical Process Monitoring (SPM). Expand
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Analysis and assessment of Madeira wine ageing over an extended time period through GC-MS and chemometric analysis.
Wine is one of the world's higher value agricultural products. The present work is centred on Madeira wine, a fine and prestigious example among Portuguese liqueur wines,with the main goal to deepenExpand
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Madeira wine ageing prediction based on different analytical techniques: UV–vis, GC-MS, HPLC-DAD
Abstract The present work aims to analyze the feasibility of different analytical measurement procedures for Madeira wine ageing prediction. In order to properly identify and quantify the chemicalExpand
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Industrial Process Monitoring in the Big Data/Industry 4.0 Era: from Detection, to Diagnosis, to Prognosis
We provide a critical outlook of the evolution of Industrial Process Monitoring (IPM) since its introduction almost 100 years ago. Several evolution trends that have been structuring IPM developmentsExpand
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Aroma ageing trends in GC/MS profiles of liqueur wines.
Madeira wine has been studied with the main goal of acquiring a better understanding about the evolution of its properties over time. For that purpose, flexible and reliable data analysis tools wereExpand
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A multiscale empirical modeling framework for system identification
Abstract A multiscale system identification methodology is presented and discussed, that extends, in a systematic way, the classical board of single-scale system identification tools to a multiscaleExpand
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Optimal design of experiments applied to headspace solid phase microextraction for the quantification of vicinal diketones in beer through gas chromatography-mass spectrometric detection.
Vicinal diketones, namely diacetyl (DC) and pentanedione (PN), are compounds naturally found in beer that play a key role in the definition of its aroma. In lager beer, they are responsible forExpand
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