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Mukai implies McKay: the McKay correspondence as an equivalence of derived categories
Let G be a finite group of automorphisms of a nonsingular complex threefold M such that the canonical bundle omega_M is locally trivial as a G-sheaf. We prove that the Hilbert scheme Y=GHilb MExpand
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Commutative Ring Theory
Preface Introduction Conventions and terminology 1. Commutative rings and modules 2. prime ideals 3. Properties of extension rings 4. Valuation rings 5. Dimension theory 6. Regular sequences 7.Expand
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Decomposition of Toric Morphisms
(0.1) This paper applies the ideas of Mori theory [4] to toric varieties. Let X be a projective tonic variety (over any field) constructed from a simplicial fan F. The cone of effective 1-cyclesExpand
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Young person''s guide to canonical singularities
A copier of the type which includes a photoreceptor on which an electrostatic latent image may be formed, a movable applicator which carries developer from a working supply of image developer and applies it to the image, and developer dispensing instrumentalities for replenishing the working supply. Expand
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Minimal Models of Canonical 3-Folds
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Commutative ring theory: Frontmatter
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Hilbert schemes of abelian group orbits.
For G a finite abelian subgroup of SL(3, k) we construct a crepant resolution of the quotient variety A/G in a canonical way.
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The complete intersection of two of more quadrics
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Chapters on algebraic surfaces
This is a first graduate course in algebraic geometry. It aims to give the student a lift up into the subject at the research level, with lots of interesting topics taken from the classification ofExpand
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