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Modelling persistence in dynamic landscapes : lessons from a metapopulation of the grasshopper Bryodema tuberculata
It is concluded that most extinctions of B. tuberculata populations in the Northern Alps are due to changes in the flood regime caused by humans, and the form of model outlined in this paper, based on a dynamic habitat mosaic, is suggested to be used for such organisms.
The Sail-Backed Reptile Ctenosauriscus from the Latest Early Triassic of Germany and the Timing and Biogeography of the Early Archosaur Radiation
Comprehensive numerical phylogenetic analyses demonstrate that both Ctenosauriscus and the Waldhaus taxon are members of a monophyletic grouping of poposauroid archosaurs, CtenOSauriscidae, characterised by greatly elongated neural spines in the posterior cervical to anterior caudal vertebrae.
Molecular phylogeny of extant Holothuroidea (Echinodermata).
Restoration of Streams with Large Wood: Effects of Accumulated and Built-in Wood on Channel Morphology, Habitat Diversity and Aquatic Fauna
Large wood was added to regulated and straightened reaches of two third-order streams in Central Germany; the Jossklein and the Luder, In the Jossklein, the wood was a by-product of the forest
Impact of a 100‐year flood on vegetation, benthic invertebrates, riparian fauna and large woody debris standing stock in an alpine floodplain
This paper investigates the impact of a 100‐year flood in May 1999 on community composition and large woody debris standing stock in an alpine floodplain (Isar, Germany). Detailed pre‐flood data
Restoring Streams with Large Wood: a Synthesis
—The use of large wood in stream restoration projects has become increasingly popular in the last 20 years. We reviewed more than 30 case studies from different ecoregions and countries (Canada,
A Risk‐Based Method for Modeling Traffic Fatalities
It is found that in the absence of road safety interventions, the historical trend of initially rising and then falling fatalities observed in industrialized nations occurred only if motorization was through car ownership.
Coarse Woody Debris Quantity and Distribution in Central European Streams
Summarized here are ten investigations concerning the volume of coarse woody debris (CWD) in Central European streams. Altogether, 69 stream sections were examined ranging from Northern German
Vertebrate tracksites in the Obernkirchen Sandstone (late Berriasian, Early Cretaceous) of northwest Germany— their stratigraphical, palaeogeographical, palaeoecological, and historical context
The northern German Lower Cretaceous Bückeberg Formation yields numerous dinosaur tracksites, some of which have produced material of impressive quality. Stratigraphically, the localities are