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Control of aragonite deposition in colonial corals by intra-skeletal macromolecules.
Scleractinian coral skeletons are composed mainly of aragonite in which a small percentage of organic matrix (OM) molecules is entrapped. It is well known that in corals the mineral deposition occursExpand
The Skeletal Organic Matrix from Mediterranean Coral Balanophyllia europaea Influences Calcium Carbonate Precipitation
Scleractinian coral skeletons are made mainly of calcium carbonate in the form of aragonite. The mineral deposition occurs in a biological confined environment, but it is still a theme of discussionExpand
Structure and Function of Stony Coral Intraskeletal Polysaccharides
Polysaccharides represent a main weight fraction of the intraskeletal organic matrix of corals, but their structure, as well as their function in the calcification process, has been poorlyExpand
Routine intraoperative carotid angiography: its impact on operative morbidity and carotid restenosis.
The impact of routine intraoperative carotid angiography was evaluated by comparing 206 procedures without such angiograms with our last consecutive 100 endarterectomies with completion angiography.Expand
Biomineralization control related to population density under ocean acidification.
Anthropogenic CO2 is a major driver of current environmental change in most ecosystems1, and the related ocean acidification (OA) is threatening marine biota2. With increasing pCO2, calcificationExpand
Single staged carotid and coronary arteries surgery. Indications and results.
The frequency of associated carotid and coronary stenosis is estimated to be 40% of cases including asymptomatic patients. The risk of death by myocardial infarction during carotid surgery is in theExpand
Biomineralization in Mediterranean Corals: The Role of the Intraskeletal Organic Matrix
The precipitation of calcium carbonate was carried out in the presence of the intraskeletal organic matrix (OM) extracted from Mediterranean corals. They were diverse in growth form and trophicExpand
The role of omentopexy in the prevention of femoral anastomotic aneurysm.
In our experience the incidence of anastomotic aneurysms (AA) after prosthetic bypass varied from 0.3 to 0.7% depending on location; it was 5 times higher at aortobifemoral anastomoses (77/3146;Expand
Carotid stenosis. Surgery after 75 years.
Is it reasonable and useful to perform surgery on carotid lesions after 75 years? ("old man" according to the W.H.O. classification). To answer this question, we re-examined 66 patients aged 75 to 87Expand
Pre- and intraoperative transcranial doppler: Prediction and surveillance of tolerance to carotid clamping
We report 91 patients (mean age 70 years) operated upon, prospectively for a total of 100 carotid revascularizations (nine bilateral). Eighty-five of these patients had pre-, intra-, andExpand