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Producing artistic value: the case of rock music
Cultural forms gain artistic recognition when their producers of meaning “prove” that they (a) contain “serious” meanings and aesthetic genuineness; (b) they are produced by a definable creative
Pop-Rock Music: Aesthetic Cosmopolitanism in Late Modernity
This book highlights the connecting threads between contemporary sociological theory and the nebulous fusion of pop music and rock music that is “pop-rock”. The author, Motti Regev, addresses three
Musica mizrakhit , Israeli rock and national culture in Israel
It has become an annual ritual on Israeli television that, near Independence Day, several intellectuals are gathered in the studio in order to discuss the question whether there is an authentic
Cultural Uniqueness and Aesthetic Cosmopolitanism
Aesthetic cosmopolitanism is conceptualized here as a cultural condition in which late modern ethno-national cultural uniqueness is associated with contemporary cultural forms like film and pop-rock
To have a culture of our own: on Israeliness and its variants
Hebrewism, Globalized Israeliness and Mizrakhiut are examined as three major variants of Israeliness that struggle between them over dominance in the Israeli field of national culture. By discussing
Ethno-National Pop-Rock Music
Pop-rock music is portrayed as a major embodiment of the transformation of national cultural uniqueness from purist essentialism into aesthetic cosmopolitanism. Examining the local production of
Rock Aesthetics and Musics of the World
L'A. etudie le rapport entre l'esthetique de la musique rock et les musiques du monde. Il montre une certaine interaction entre communautes reflexives et esthetique du rock. Il souligne que les
Popular music and national culture in Israel
Preface Introduction: Popular Music and National Culture PART I: CULTURAL AND INSTITUTIONAL CONTEXTS 1. A Short Introduction to Israeli Culture 2. Israeli Institutions of Popular Music PART II: