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Incompleteness, nonlocality, and realism
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Quantum Physics and the Identity of Indiscernibles*
This paper is concerned with the question of whether atomic particles of the same species, i. e. with the same intrinsic state-independent properties of mass, spin, electric charge, etc, violate theExpand
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Particle Labels and the Theory of Indistinguishable Particles in Quantum Mechanics
We extend the work of French and Redhead [1988] further examining the relation of quantum statistics to the assumption that quantum entities have the sort of identity generally assumed for physicalExpand
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Incompleteness, Nonlocality, and Realism: A Prolegomenon to the Philosophy of Quantum Mechanics
Aiming to unravel the mystery of quantum mechanics, this book is concerned with questions about action-at-a-distance, holism, and whether quantum mechanics gives a complete account of microphysicalExpand
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Particles, particle labels, and quanta: The toll of unacknowledged metaphysics
The practice of describing multiparticle quantum systems in terms of labeled particles indicates that we think of quantum entities as individuatable. The labels, together with particleExpand
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Models in Physics*
  • M. Redhead
  • The British Journal for the Philosophy of Science
  • 1 June 1980
The object of the present paper is to consider the r6le of models in modern theoretical physics. We want to discuss the circumstances in which models arise and the uses to which they are put,Expand
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More ado about nothing
In this paper questions about vacuum fluctuations in local measurements, and the correlations between such fluctuations, are discussed. It is shown that maximal correlations always exist betweenExpand
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The intelligibility of the universe
Hume famously warned us that the ‘[The] ultimate springs and principles are totally shut up from human curiosity and enquiry’. Or, again, Newton: ‘Hitherto I have not been able to discover the causeExpand
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