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Elektronische Unterstützung und Automatisierung von Verhandlungen
  • M. Rebstock
  • Engineering, Computer Science
  • Wirtsch.
  • 1 December 2001
We analyze and discuss the state-of-the-art in electronic negotiations. Scientific projects as well as business applications are included into our survey. For our analysis, we use protocol category,Expand
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Ontologies-Based Business Integration
The globalization of everyday business and increasing international trade lead to a growing need to improve national and international business collaborations and transactions. Upcoming newExpand
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Usability of Modelling Languages for Model Interpretation: An Empirical Research Report
We focus on usability evaluation of graphical modelling languages for the model interpretation scenario. Expand
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Application of a new LDL apheresis system using two dextran sulfate cellulose columns in combination with an automatic column‐regenerating unit and a blood cell separator
Extracorporeal procedures for selective removal of low‐density lipoproteins have become a promising new approach for treatment of severe familial hypercholesterolemia. We tested efficacy and safetyExpand
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Supporting Interactive Multi-Attribute Electronic Negotiations with ebXML
The inter-organizational character of electronic negotiations raises social, legal, organizational and technical research questions. Expand
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Interactive multi-attribute electronic negotiations in the supply chain: design issues and an application prototype
We report on the development of a generic application for interactive electronic negotiations in the supply chain. Expand
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Technical opinionSemantic ambiguity: Babylon, Rosetta or beyond?
Establishing truE undErstanding has been a challenge to human communication throughout history. Expand
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Development and Implementation Strategies for International ERP Software Projects
In this paper we address a question highly relevant for many companies developing and implementing ERP or other software internationally. Expand
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An Application Architecture for Supporting Interactive Bilateral Electronic Negotiations
We develop an application architecture for interactive, bilateral, semi-structured, multi-attribute electronic negotiations in business-to-business environments. Expand
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