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Discovery of a TNF-α Antagonist Using Chondroitin Sulfate Microarrays
We report the first example of synthetic chondroitin sulfate (CS) microarrays to rapidly identify glycosaminoglycan−protein interactions and probe the specificity of proteins for distinct sulfationExpand
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Chromene chromium carbene complexes in the syntheses of naphthopyran and naphthopyrandione units present in photochromic materials and biologically active natural products.
The carbene complex 5-(2,2-dimethyl-2H-chromene)methoxylmethylene chromium pentacarbonyl will undergo a benzannulation reaction with phenylacetylene, 1-pentyne, 3-hexyne, and trimethylsilylacetyleneExpand
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Contingency and serendipity in the reactions of Fischer carbene complexes with conjugated triynes.
The first examples of reactions of Fischer carbene complexes with triynes are reported. The regioselectivity of the reaction of the two different alkyne functions in the symmetrical triyne depends onExpand
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Total synthesis of carbazoquinocin C: application of the o-benzannulation of Fischer carbene complexes to carbazole-3,4-quinone alkaloids.
[reaction: see text] The photoinduced o-benzannulation of 3-(2-vinyl)indolylcarbene complexes provides a direct route to carbazole derivatives that are oxygenated in the 3- and 4-positions. ThisExpand
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Numerical Simulation of Flow around an Elliptical Cylinder at High Reynolds Numbers
High Reynolds number flows (Re= 0.5 ×106, 1 ×106, 2×106 and 3.6×106, based on the free stream velocity and cylinder diameter) covering the supercritical to upper-transition flow regimes around a twoExpand
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High Reynolds number flow over cylinders: A Review
Flow around bluff bodies such as circular and elliptical cylinder is the fundamental fluid mechanics problem. Many engineering applications such as off shore structures, bridge piers and pipelinesExpand
Performance Analysis On Biplane Structure At Different Mach Numbers
This paper summarize the optimized aerodynamic shape of the biplane geometry to get a significant reduction in wave drag, a significant viscous model to study aerodynamic shape of biplane is alsoExpand