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Efficient Disinfection of Tap and Surface Water with Single High Power 285 nm LED and Square Quartz Tube
A small water disinfection system based on the combination of a strong single 25 mW LED with a wavelength of 285 nm and a short quartz tube with an outer rectangular cross section is presented. For
Photoinactivation of Legionella Rubrilucens by Visible Light
In this study, the photoinactivation of Legionella by visible light is investigated and results were obtained for extracellular L. rubrilucens, but other Legionella species may exhibit a similar behavior.
UV-C inactivation of Legionella rubrilucens
The idea of a future point-of-use disinfection by small UV-C LEDs in water-taps or shower heads appears to be realistic, even if legionellae are more resistant in amoebae.