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New records of three hard coral species from north-east of Larak Island (Persian Gulf, Iran)
fozieh shojae, ehsan kamrani, mohammad reza shokri, mohammad sharif ranjbar, mahdi moradi and majid askari hesni Department of Marine Biology, Faculty of Science, University of Hormozgan, BandarExpand
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Study of Diversity and Abundant Species of Hard Coral West of Larak Island(Persian Gulf)
The knowledge on coral reef distribution and biodiversity on the Iranian side of the Persian Gulf is very limited. In the present study, specimens of hard corals were collected from four stationsExpand
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First record of two hard coral species (Faviidae and Siderastreidae)from Qeshm Island (Persian Gulf, Iran)
Moradi M, Kamrani E, Shokri MR, Ranjbar MS, Hesni MA (2009) First record of two hard coral species (Faviidae andSiderastreidae) from Qeshm Island (Persian Gulf, Iran). Nusantara Bioscience 2: 34-37.Expand
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Development of an electrochemical process for production of nano-copper oxides: Agglomeration kinetics modeling.
The main objective of this study was the development of a simple, clean, and industrial applicable electrochemical process for production of high pure nano-copper oxides from mining and industrialExpand
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Spatial and temporal dynamics of the rock-pool ichthyofauna on Qeshm Island, Persian Gulf (Osteichthyes)
A survey of the intertidal rocky pool fish community and some environmental conditions was carried out on Qeshm Island, Persian Gulf, from August 2010 to May 2011. In total, 1038 fishes belonging toExpand
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Molecular biodiversity of Iranian shallow water sponges
Despite their importance, our knowledge of the biodiversity and phylogeography of sponges in the Persian Gulf and adjacent waters is largely unexplored. Such knowledge, however, is necessary toExpand
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Study of Feeding Regime of Sea Cucumber Stichopus herrmanni Using Nutritional Indices on Coral Reefs of Southeast of the Qeshm Island, Persian Gulf
This study aimed to investigate the sea cucumber Stichopus herrmanni diet in coral reef located southeast of the Qeshm Island and other nutritional indices. Sampling was done seasonally (10-15Expand
Temporal distribution of Portunus segnis (Forskål, 1775) and Venitus dentipes (Lucas in Guérin-Méneville, 1836) in set net in northwest of the Qeshm Island
عون :هلاقم یشهوژپ هدیکچ هام نمهب زا شهوژپ نیا 3131 هام ید ات 3131 اسانش روظنم هب ینامز شنکارپ یوگلا نییعت و یی گنچرخ هنومن .دش ماجنا هناهام تروص هب و مشق هریزج یبرغ لامش لحاوس یاهاتشم دیص رد اه هب اهExpand
Food and feeding habits of Indian halibut, Psettodes erumei from the North of the Persian Gulf and Oman Sea
Indian halibut, Psettodes erumei is the single member of family Psettodidae recorded in the southern waters of Iran (north of the Persian Gulf and Oman Sea). In the present study, the feeding habitExpand