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Cigarette Smoking and Plasma Levels of Nicotine
THE changes in blood levels and tissue distribution of nicotine and its metabolites have been studied in experimental animals after administration of tobacco smoke or smoking doses of nicotine1–3,Expand
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Sympathetic Postganglionic Mechanism
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Source of ‘Serotonin’ in Serum
RAPPORT et al.1 prepared from beef serum a vasoconstrictor substance which was called ‘serotonin’. By following the pharmacological activity through various stages from serum itself to the finalExpand
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Partial agonist action of clonidine on prejunctional and postjunctional α-adrenoceptors
SummaryThe effects of clonidine on prejunctional α-adrenoceptors in guinea-pig atria and postjunctional α-adrenoceptors in rabbit aorta were studied and compared.1.In isolated aortic strips,Expand
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Pharmacological Actions of Synthetic 5-Hydroxytryptamine (Serotonin, Thrombocytin)
RECENTLY1,2 we reported the actions of serum vasoconstrictor, partially purified by the method of M. M. Rapport3. The evidence at the time strongly indicated that all the pharmacological actionsExpand
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New Evidence for a Cholinergic Process in Sympathetic Transmission
RECENTLY a cholinergic mechanism has been proposed in sympathetic transmission1–3. This suggestion was based on the following pieces of evidence. Sympathetic nerves contain cholinergic fibres2.Expand
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Effect of the Rate of Elimination of Digoxigenin in the Guinea Pig on the Determination of its Lethal Dose
WHEN a drug is given by intravenous infusion it is not possible to define its lethal dose if it is detoxified rapidly, because the apparent lethal dose will depend on the rate of administration ofExpand
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  • 1 January 1988
1. In pithed rats, yohimbine (1 mg/kg i.v.) enhanced the positive chronotropic responses to spinal stimulation of cardiac sympathetic nerves with eight pulses delivered at 2 or 4 Hz, indicating thatExpand
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A Method for determining the Duration of Action of the Cardiac Glycosides
THE determination of the duration of action of the cardiac glycosides has depended mainly on toxicity experiments which require large numbers of animals. The Hatcher method1 depends on the differenceExpand
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