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In Memoriam
The rapacious violence of colonisation metaphorically demolished the geographic separation between the colonised peoples of the Earth. Through the imposition of a common epistemological paradigm, theExpand
In search of an African philosophy of education : perspectives on higher education
The Higgs-Parker debate on the meaning and place of African philosophy in the construction of a new South African philosophy of education raises more questions than answers. In an attempt to answerExpand
Transforming education in South Africa : paradigm shift or change? : perspectives on higher education
The transformation of the content of the educational curriculum in South Africa is an imperative of historical justice. Though the final constitution of South Africa represents a substantiveExpand
The Bewaji, Van Binsbergen and Ramose debate on Ubuntu
Abstract What follows is a discussion, in three parts, of the African concept of ubuntu and related issues. In the first part of the discussion J.A.I. Bewaji assesses an essay by W.M.J. vanExpand
But Hans Kelsen was not born in Africa: a reply to Thaddeus Metz
Abstract I argue that Metz’s undertaking, in seeking a ‘comprehensive basic norm’ to underpin African ethics, is similar to Hans Kelsen’s postulation of the Grundnorm in his Pure Theory of Law. ButExpand
Dying a hundred deaths: Socrates on truth and justice
The well-known history of the life and death of Socrates continues to attract attention. This essay examines Socrates’ commitment to truth and justice. For Socrates, justice is inseparable fromExpand
The death of democracy and the resurrection of timocracy
Throughout the centuries the ownership of wealth has been used as the measure for the determination of status in a community or society. Exactly what constituted wealth differed from one period toExpand
Poverty: A Creature of Politics and a Question of Justice
Poverty, anywhere in the world, is the result of relationships among human beings. Poverty is thus historical, structural, systemic and conventional. These features of poverty apply equally toExpand