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Hypertrophy of the breast: a problem of beauty or health?
BACKGROUND Despite the complex health burden for women with breast hypertrophy, medical directors of health insurance companies are not convinced that this procedure is of medical benefit forExpand
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MYOSTIM-FES to prevent muscle atrophy in microgravity and bed rest: preliminary report.
Long-term flights in microgravity cause atrophy and morphological changes of skeletal muscles. Training with mechanical devices is insufficient regarding the required time to exercise and space forExpand
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Stimulation parameter optimization for FES supported standing up and walking in SCI patients.
Functional Electrical Stimulation (FES) to restore leg movement for standing up and walking (stepping) in SCI patients with intact lower motor neuron is used by several groups. Usually quadricepsExpand
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Electromyogram-controlled functional electrical stimulation for treatment of the paralyzed upper extremity.
Spinal cord lesions at level C5 to C6 lead to loss of hand functions and lesions at C4 to additional deficits of arm functionality. The presented dual channel surface stimulator with dual channelExpand
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The Vienna functional electrical stimulation system for restoration of walking functions in spastic paraplegia.
An eight-channel stimulation system, currently intended for stimulation of lower extremities, was developed and is introduced. The major development goals were easy handling, modularity to make theExpand
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Clinical application of an eight channel stimulation system for mobilization of individuals with paraplegia: First results
Seven paraplegic Functional Electrical Stimulation (FES) experienced users volunteered to test a newly developed eight channel stimulation system. The goal was to discover the influence of variousExpand
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From the wheelchair to walking with the aid of an eight channel stimulation system: a case study
Functional Electrical Stimulation (FES) is useable to restore in part the lost leg function of paraplegic patients. For this purpose an eight channel stimulation system was developed to activate viaExpand
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Bei I8 Patienten mit Tetraplegie, Plexusparese oder Hemiplegie wurde mit Hilfe eines FES unterstützten Myofeedbacks ein Training von Muskeln der oberen Extremität durchgeführt. Mit einemExpand
FES of lower extremities: Comparison of rehabilitation strategies and stimulation equipment in patients with upper / lower motor neuron lesion
Functional Electrical Stimulation (FES) of lower extremities in patients suffering from paraplegia can be used to restore standing up from the wheelchair, standing, walking / stepping and sittingExpand
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