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Antioxidant activity of commonly consumed cereals, millets, pulses and legumes in India.
It is suggested that TPC contributes significantly to the AOA of Indian cereals and millets, but not in pulses and legumes.
Antioxidant activity and phenolic content of roots, tubers and vegetables commonly consumed in India.
Epidemiological evidence suggests that consumption of vegetables can prevent degenerative diseases caused by oxidative stress. Considering scanty data available on antioxidant activity (AOA) of
Antioxidant activity of fresh and dry fruits commonly consumed in India
Abstract Epidemiological studies from other parts of the world indicate that increased consumption of fruits and vegetables are associated with lower risk of chronic degenerative diseases. Fruits are
Maternal dietary folate and/or vitamin B12 restrictions alter body composition (adiposity) and lipid metabolism in Wistar rat offspring.
Maternal and peri-/postnatal folate and/or vitamin B(12) restriction increased visceral adiposity (due to increased corticosteroid stress), altered lipid metabolism in rat offspring perhaps by modulating adipocyte function and may thus predispose them to high morbidity later.
Antioxidant and Phenolic Content of Nuts, Oil Seeds, Milk and Milk Products Commonly Consumed in India
Food provides not only essential nutrients required for life, but also bioactive compounds usefull to maintan good health and disease prevention. Abundant epidemiological evidences suggest that
Maternal and perinatal magnesium restriction predisposes rat pups to insulin resistance and glucose intolerance.
Maternal magnesium restriction irreversibly increases body fat and induces insulin resistance in pups by 6 mo of age, whereas additional perinatal Mg deficiency impairs glucose tolerance.
Natural Antioxidant Activity of Commonly Consumed Plant Foods in India: Effect of Domestic Processing
Interestingly, significant correlation was observed between AOA (DPPH and FRAP) and PC in most of the foods, corroborating the literature that polyphenols are potent antioxidants and that they may be important contributors to the AOA of the plant foods.
Association between thyroid hormones, insulin resistance, and metabolic syndrome.
Preliminary data show an association between thyroid hormones and some components specific of the metabolic syndrome in euthyroid women.
Antioxidant activity of commonly consumed plant foods of India: contribution of their phenolic content
The results suggest that phenolics may contribute significantly to the AOA of some plant foods, such as spices and dehusked legumes.
A case-control study on nutritional risk factors in non-alcoholic fatty liver disease in Indian population
There is a high prevalence of MS among subjects with steatosis and metabolic disorders were closely related to non-alcoholic fatty liver disease, and BMI, WC and percent fat intake are independent dietary risk factors in NAFLD.