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The use of alternative substrates in the characterization of actin-methylating and carnosine-methylating enzymes.
Two potential alternative substrates have been investigated and a chicken beta-actin expressed in Escherichia coli as a fusion protein with 80 amino acids of an influenza protein, NS1, and a synthetic peptide corresponding to residues 69-77 of actin are investigated. Expand
Analytical determination of methylated histidine in proteins: actin methylation.
3-Methyl-histidine is the major methylation product in this in vitro reaction and is used in assays for the enzyme(s) responsible for methylation of rabbit skeletal muscle actin and to investigate the formation of other methylated residues in vitro. Expand
Preliminary X-ray crystallographic analysis of holotoxin from Bordetella pertussis.
The holotoxin, a protein known as pertussis toxin, is a protein composed of six subunits, with a total molecular weight of 106,000, which is suitable for high-resolution X-ray diffraction analysis. Expand
Electrochemical sensing and photocatalytic degradation of methylene blue (MB) dye by cobalt-beta hydroxy benzoate complex
Abstract In this work describes the cobalt-beta hydroxyl benzoate (Co-bhb), Cobalt based complex has been synthesized by solvothermal method and verified for the application detection and removal ofExpand
A composition-dependent “re-entrant” crystallographic phase transition in the substitutional metal acetylacetonate complex (Cr1−xGax)(acac)3
The formation of a complete solid solution between acetylacetonate (acac) complexes of chromium and gallium, (Cr1-x,Ga-x)(acac)(3) for 0.1 <x <0.9, has been investigated through the co-synthesisExpand
Strategies for Mimicking the Primary Events of Bacterial Photosynthesis: Structure, Function, and Mechanism
Some of the possible implications of the photochemistry of photosynthesis for artificial systems are presented. A major aspect of this paper involves the special conditions required to prevent theExpand
Excitation energy transfer in covalently linked pheophorbied—porphyrin systems
Abstract Steady-state fluorescence, lifetime measurements and time-resolved absorption spectra of the covalently linked hetero dimers consisting of pheophorbide and porphyrin revealed rapid (10 11Expand
High-sensitivity detection of H2S by In2O3/C composite prepared by inert-ambient sealed-tube pyrolysis
Indium acetylacetonate, a β-diketonate complex, was pyrolyzed at 700 °C in inert ambient in a sealed quartz tube, to yield a powder composite of nanocrystalline In2O3 and elemental carbon (In2O3/C),Expand
High-responsivity (In0.26Ga0.74)2O3 UV detectors on sapphire realized by microwave irradiation-assisted deposition
Abstract We report on the demonstration of (InxGa1-x)2O3 (InGaO)-based UV photodetectors realized using a low temperature (∼200 °C) microwave irradiation-assisted deposition technique. By irradiatingExpand