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Evaluation of the capacity of three halophytes to desalinize their rhizosphere as grown on saline soils under nonleaching conditions.
In the sabkha of Soliman (N-E Tunisia), soil samples of the upper 20 cm were taken during the driest period of the year (July–August) from inside and outside tufts of two perennial halophytes:Expand
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Exogenous proline mediates alleviation of cadmium stress by promoting photosynthetic activity, water status and antioxidative enzymes activities of young date palm (Phoenix dactylifera L.).
The ability of exogenous compatible solutes, such as proline, to counteract cadmium (Cd) inhibitory effects in young date palm plants (Phoenix dactylifera L. cv Deglet Nour) was investigated.Expand
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Physiological and antioxidant responses of Mentha pulegium (Pennyroyal) to salt stress
Mentha pulegium L. is a medicinal and aromatic plant belonging to the Labiatae family present in the humid to the arid bioclimatic regions of Tunisia. We studied the effect of different saltExpand
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Effectiveness of compost use in salt-affected soil.
Soil degradation and salinization are two of the utmost threat affecting agricultural areas, derived from the increasing use of low quality water and inappropriate cultural practices. The problem ofExpand
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Application of municipal solid waste compost reduces the negative effects of saline water in Hordeum maritimum L.
The efficiency of composted municipal solid wastes (MSW) to reduce the adverse effects of salinity was investigated in Hordeum maritimum under greenhouse conditions. Plants were cultivated in potsExpand
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Phytodesalination of a salt-affected soil with the halophyte Sesuvium portulacastrum L. to arrange in advance the requirements for the successful growth of a glycophytic crop.
In the present work, we studied the potential of the obligate halophyte, Sesuvium portulacastrum L., to desalinize an experimentally-salinized soil after the following criteria: (i) decrease in soilExpand
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The aim of this investigation was to evaluate the ability of the indifferent halophyte Sulla carnosa Desf. to desalinize a moderately-salt-affected soil. Seeds were sown on a fertile soil added orExpand
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Physiological and biochemical responses for two cultivars of Pisum sativum (''Merveille de Kelvedon'' and ''Lincoln'') to iron deficiency conditions
Abstract The aim of this work was to compare the tolerance and the physiological responses to Fe deficiency of two Pisum sativum cultivars (“Merveille de kelvedon” and “Lincoln”) commonly cultivatedExpand
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Interactive effects of salinity and potassium availability on growth, water status, and ionic composition of Hordeum maritimum
The interactive effects of salinity and potassium (K+) availability on biomass production, water status, and ionic composition were investigated in Hordeum maritimum, an annual grass growing nativelyExpand
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Interactive effects of salinity and iron deficiency in Medicago ciliaris.
In calcareous salt-affected soils, iron availability to plants is subjected to the effects of both sodium and bicarbonate ions. Our aim was to study interactive effects of salinity and ironExpand
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