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Structure of aconifine
The structure of the new alkaloid aconifine, which has been isolated from the tubers and epigeal part ofAconitum karakolicum Rapcs. has been established on the basis of the results of chemicalExpand
Circular dichroism of veralosidine and its derivatives
SummaryOn the basis of their CD spectra, the alkaloids veralosidine, veralosine, veralosinine, and veralosidinine have been assigned to the 25S series.
Structure and stereochemistry of lapiferin
SummaryThe roots ofFerula lapidosa have yielded a new ester of the carotane series — lapiferin — and its structure and configuration have been established on the basis of chemical transformations andExpand
Stereochemistry of terpenoid coumarins. Crystal and molecular structure of samarcandin
The absolute configuration of samarcandin has been established on the basis of the results of a complete X-ray investigation. The absolute configurations of conferol, moscharol, badrakemin, andExpand
Structures of daurosides A and B — New acylated coumarin glycosides fromHaplophyllum dauricum
From the roots and epigeal parts ofHaplophyllum dauricum (L.) G. Don., new acylated courmarin glycosides have been isolated: dauroside A, C23H28O13, mp 145–147°C (ethanol), [α]D22 − 72.7° (methanol),Expand
Obtusifolin — A new coumarin from roots of Haplophyllum obtusifolium
From the neutral fraction of a methanolic extract of the roots ofHaplophyllum obtusifolium Ledeb. (family Rutaceae) have been isolated the lignan diphyllin, the alkaloids skimmianine and γ-fagarine,Expand
The structure of tanachin
Summary1. The new sesquiterpene lactone tanachin (I) has been isolated from a chloroform extract ofTanacetum pseudoachillea C. Winkl.2. With the aid of double and triple resonances, the chemicalExpand
New coumarins ofHaplophyllum obtusifolium
Two coumarins have been isolated from an ethanolic extract of the epigeal part ofHaplophyllum obtusifolium Lebed.: capensin (I) and the new coumarin obtusicin, C5H16O6, (II), mp 81–91°C (CH3OH). TheExpand
Nmr spectrum of prangosine
Anabsin — A new diguaianolide fromArtemisia absinthium
The new diguaianolide anabsin, C30H40O7, mp 276°C (decomp.), [α]25 +110° (c 1.7; acetone) has been isolated fromArtemisia absinthium L. Anabsin acetate, dehydroanabsin, and dehydroanabsin acetateExpand