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Cardiomiopatía de Takotsubo: disfunción transitoria apical de ventrículo izquierdo
Transient apical dysfunction syndrome, ballooning or Takotsubo cardiomyopathy is a recently described syndrome. It is a disease with a partially known mechanism, characterized by the morphologyExpand
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Síndrome de Ballooning "abortado"
: We describe a patient with previous transient left ventricular apical balloonig three months ago, who had got a new chest ischemic-like pain associated to an important dynamic left ventricularExpand
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Sellado de aneurisma coronario con stent cubierto de PTFE (stent graft)
SummaryO BLITERATION OF A CORONARY ARTERY ANEURYSM WITHA PTFE- COVERED STENT ( STENT GRAFT ) Coronary aneurysms are very rare: their fre-quency ranges between 1% and 2%. The mostfrequent associatedExpand
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Mortalidad por afectación cardiaca en el síndrome antifosfolípido catastrófico
: Catastrophic antiphospolipid syndrome (CAPS) is extremely rare antiphospolipid syndrome (APS) variety associated to higher mortality. When heart involvement appears has worsening pronostic. WeExpand