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The SBF Survey of Galaxy Distances. IV. SBF Magnitudes, Colors, and Distances
We report data for I-band surface brightness fluctuation (SBF) magnitudes, (V-I) colors, and distance moduli for 300 galaxies. The survey contains E, S0, and early-type spiral galaxies in theExpand
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Spectral constraints on the redshift of the optical counterpart to the γ-ray burst of 8 May 1997
Brief, intense bursts of γ-rays occur approximately daily from random directions in space, but their origin has remained unknown since their initial detection almost 25 years ago. Arguments based onExpand
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Long γ-ray bursts and core-collapse supernovae have different environments
When massive stars exhaust their fuel, they collapse and often produce the extraordinarily bright explosions known as core-collapse supernovae. On occasion, this stellar collapse also powers an evenExpand
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Globular Clusters in 19 Northern Abell Clusters
We study the globular cluster (GC) populations of 21 giant elliptical galaxies in 19 Abell clusters. This method, applied here primarily in the R band, is based on the surface brightness fluctuationsExpand
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The optical counterpart to the γ-ray burst GRB970508
Understanding the nature of the γ-ray burst phenomenon is one of the outstanding problems of modern astrophysics. The identification of counterparts at optical wavelengths is considered a crucialExpand
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The Shape and Scale of Galactic Rotation from Cepheid Kinematics
A catalog of Cepheid variables is used to probe the kinematics of the Galactic disk. Radial velocities are measured for eight distant Cepheids toward l = 300°; these new Cepheids provide aExpand
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Lensing in the Hercules Supercluster
We report Keck LRIS observations of an arclike background galaxy near the center of Abell 2152 (z = 0.043), one of the three clusters comprising the Hercules supercluster. The background object has aExpand
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Hubble Space Telescope and Palomar imaging of GRB 990123: Implications for the nature of gamma-ray bursts and their hosts
We report on Hubble Space Telescope and Palomar optical images of the field of GRB 990123, obtained in 1999 February 8 and 9. We find that the optical transient (OT) associated with GRB 990123 isExpand
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Optical and near infrared observations of the afterglow of GRB 980329 from 15 hours to 10 days
We report I-band observations of the GRB 980329 field made on 1998 March 29 with the 1.34 m Tautenberg Schmidt telescope, R-, J- and K-band observations made on 1998 April 1 with the APO 3.5 mExpand
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Astronomical characterization results of 1024 x 1024 HgCdTe HAWAII detector arrays
The first prototype of a HgCdTe infrared detector array with 1024 X 1024 pixels developed by the Rockwell International Science Center has been tested in a new infrared camera at the UH 2.2 mExpand
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