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Technique for authentication, access control and resource management in open distributed systems
The copy of record is available at IET Digital Library and the UHRA. Expand
Self Authenticating Proxies
By combining the properties of public key encryption with cascading proxies, a single mechanism is devised to provide these three aspects of protection, allowing principals to define and enforce their own protection requirements. Expand
Fine grained object protection in UNIX
A way in which a hierarchy of protection domains can be set up to enable object methods and type instances to be managed securely and to be protected from unauthorised use is shown. Expand
Key-spoofing attacks on nested signature blocks
For a given signature block and any other data, there exists a key which produces the same signature block. The threat that this poses to schemes which use nested signature blocks as pointers toExpand
Roles and rights
Sensing our world
Authentication v Certification
Discretionary non-repudiation