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Effect of zinc supplementation on copper status in adult man.
The effects of zinc supplementation on the copper status of healthy adult men, as assessed by the activities of the copper-metalloenzymes, plasma ferroxidase (ceruloplasmin), and erythrocyteExpand
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Vegetable oils high in phytosterols make erythrocytes less deformable and shorten the life span of stroke-prone spontaneously hypertensive rats.
Previous studies have shown that canola oil (CA), compared with soybean oil (SO), shortens the life span of stroke-prone spontaneously hypertensive (SHRSP) rats, a widely used model for hemorrhagicExpand
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Ctr2 is partially localized to the plasma membrane and stimulates copper uptake in COS-7 cells.
Ctr1 (copper transporter 1) mediates high-affinity copper uptake. Ctr2 (copper transporter 2) shares sequence similarity with Ctr1, yet its function in mammalian cells is poorly understood. InExpand
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Dietary (n-3) fatty acids affect rat heart, liver and aorta protective enzyme activities and lipid peroxidation.
In a 16-wk study, weanling Wistar rats (32 males and 32 females) were fed a modified AIN-76 diet containing 20% fat with various (n-3) fatty acids. All dietary fats provided the same amount ofExpand
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The effect of dietary zinc on intestinal copper absorption.
Everted duodenal segments, tied into sacs, taken from animals fed different amounts of zinc were used to investigate the antagonistic effect of dietary zinc on copper absorption. The intestinalExpand
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Chemical and nutritional studies of flaxseed (variety Linott) in rats
Abstract The nutritional effects of flaxseed ( Linum usitatissimum , variety Linott) were studied in the rat. In addition, thermal and storage stabilities of flaxseed were evaluated. Weanling ratsExpand
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Dietary Iodine and selenium interact to affect thyroid hormone metabolism of rats.
The interaction of dietary selenium and iodine on the activities of the selenoenzymes, selenium-dependent glutathione peroxidase (GSH-Px), and type I deiodinase (DI-I), and the thyroid hormonesExpand
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Superoxide Dismutase and Glutathione Peroxidase Content of Human Milk From Mothers of Premature and Full-Term Infants During the First 3 Months of Lactation
Background Human milk contains various bioactive compounds including numerous immunologic factors, enzymes, growth factors, and hormones. However, the change during the course of lactation in many ofExpand
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Influence of feeding alkaline/heat processed proteins on growth and protein and mineral status of rats.
Effects of feeding alkaline (0.1 N NaOH) and heat treated (75 degrees C for 3 h) proteins (lactalbumin and soybean protein isolate, SPI) on growth, and protein and mineral status of rats have beenExpand
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Results of a national survey examining Canadians' concern, actions, barriers, and support for dietary sodium reduction interventions.
Population-wide dietary sodium reduction is considered a priority intervention to address sodium-related chronic diseases. In 2010, the Canadian government adopted a sodium reduction strategy toExpand
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