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Prediction and optimization of back-break and rock fragmentation using an artificial neural network and a bee colony algorithm
In blasting works, the aim is to provide proper rock fragmentation and to avoid undesirable environmental impacts such as back-break. Therefore, predicting fragmentation and back-break is aExpand
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Ammonia Leaching: A New Approach of Copper Industry in Hydrometallurgical Processes
Ammonia and ammonium salts have been recognized as effective leaching agents in hydrometallurgical processes due to low toxicity and cost, easy recovery and high selective recovery of metals. NewExpand
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Control of the morphology, specific surface area and agglomeration of precipitated calcium carbonate crystals through a multiphase carbonation process
In this study, precipitated calcium carbonate (PCC) has been produced using a semi-continuous carbonation process within a Ca(OH)2(s)–CO2(g)–H2O system inside a bench-scale reactor. In order toExpand
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Predicting Cyanide Consumption in Gold Leaching: A Kinetic and Thermodynamic Modeling Approach
The consumption of cyanide during processing operations is a major economic cost in the extraction of gold from its ores, while the discharge of cyanide wastes may result in significant environmentalExpand
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Bubble loading measurement in a continuous flotation column
Abstract Bubble loading is a macroscopic measure which includes the micro sub-processes of true flotation. In this paper, new instrument for measuring the bubble loading in flotation column with theExpand
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A parametric cost model for mineral grinding mills
Abstract The adequate cost estimation of mill plants plays a crucial role in the success of feasibility studies of mining projects. Grinding is one of the most important operations in mineralExpand
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Column flotation cell design by drift flux and axial dispersion models
Abstract A common problem in column flotation research is designing the appropriate cell which provides all the requirements of the desired tests. The drift flux model and the axial dispersion modelExpand
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Modelling and simulation of gold ore leaching
51 Nomenclature AA: Anodic surface area AC: Cathodic surface area : Ore gold concentration : Ore gold concentration before cyanidation begins : Cyanide concentration in solution : Ore copperExpand
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Quantifying the spreading factor to compare the wetting properties of minerals at molecular level – case study: sphalerite surface
Spreading of water droplet on sphalerite surface was quantified at molecular level and was utilized for comparison of the wetting properties of sphalerite protonated and hydroxylated surfaces.Expand
Development of a Dynamic Population Balance Plant Simulator for Mineral Processing Circuits
Operational variables of a mineral processing circuit are subjected to different variations. Steady-statesimulation of processes provides an estimate of their ideal stable performance whereas theirExpand