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Propagation study of microwave signals based on rain attenuation data at 26 GHz and 38 GHz measured in Malaysia
Attenuation due to rain is an important constraint in microwave radio link design especially at frequencies above 10 GHz. Although, models proposed by ITU-R for the prediction of rain attenuationExpand
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Exposed-core localized surface plasmon resonance biosensor
We propose and numerically characterize an exposed-core photonic crystal fiber for biosensing applications. Surface plasmons are excited within gold (Au) strips, and titanium dioxide is employed toExpand
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Insights the Practice of Integrated Reporting: A Study on MNCs in Bangladesh on the Degree of Adherence to the Reporting Framework
Integrated Reporting (IR) stands for organizational reporting which is prepared for public disclosure and includes both financial and important non-financial information. Existing financialExpand
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Extremely low-loss, dispersion flattened porous-core photonic crystal fiber for terahertz regime
Abstract. A porous-core octagonal photonic crystal fiber (PC-OPCF) with ultralow effective material loss (EML), high core power fraction, and ultra flattened dispersion is proposed for terahertzExpand
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Design and characterization of a low-loss, dispersion-flattened photonic crystal fiber for terahertz wave propagation
Abstract A porous core photonic crystal fiber, based on Topas, with ultra-low effective material loss and near zero flattened dispersion properties is proposed for efficient polarization preservingExpand
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Frequency scaling of rain attenuation from 23- to 38-GHz microwave signals measured in Malaysia
The most fundamental obstacle encountered in the design of communication systems at millimeter waves is attenuation due to rain. Frequency scaling models provide an alternative to rain attenuationExpand
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A modified hexagonal photonic crystal fiber for terahertz applications
Abstract We present a Zeonex based highly birefringent and dispersion flattened porous core photonic crystal fiber (PC-PCF) for polarization preserving applications in the terahertz region. In orderExpand
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Design of a fabrication friendly & highly sensitive surface plasmon resonance-based photonic crystal fiber biosensor
Abstract We proffer in this research a distinctive, facile to fabricate, and highly sensitive photonic crystal fiber (PCF) biosensor based on the phenomenon of surface plasmon resonance (SPR). OurExpand
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A Novel Oil Well Cementing Technology Using Natural Fibers
Abstract In many industrial processes, the pipeline systems are lined with a protective layer of cement mortar. In petroleum wells, cement slurry is placed in a wellbore to be hardened into anExpand
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A Review of Separation of Gases Using Membrane Systems
Abstract Gas flaring has been an option used by the petroleum industry for many decades. With increasing awareness of its environmental impact and the ratification of the Kyoto protocol by most ofExpand
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