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Numerical investigation of transfer coefficients of an evaporatively-cooled condenser
Abstract Vapour compression cooling systems working in tropical climatic conditions make the compressor pressure-lift relatively high. The lowering of the condensing temperature will help reduce thisExpand
A Diffusion Model for a Drum Dryer Subjected to Conduction, Convection, and Radiant Heat Input
Drum dryers are commonly used for production of a flaky dry powder from thick suspensions. This article presents results of a simple diffusion-based model to predict the drying performance of aExpand
Performance evaluation of an indirect pre-cooling evaporative heat exchanger operating in hot and humid climate
A hybrid system, that combines an indirect evaporative heat exchanger (IEHX) and a vapor compression system, is introduced for humid tropical climate application. The chief purpose of the IEHX is toExpand
Convective Drying with Time-Varying Heat Input: Simulation Results
Abstract Intermittent drying aims to match the heat input rate to the drying kinetics of the material so as to avoid thermal degradation of heat-sensitive products in particular. This paper presentsExpand
On the study of the temperature distribution within a human eye subjected to a laser source
Abstract A mathematical model to predict the temperature distribution within the human eye when subjected to a laser source was presented. The model was developed by employing the Pennes bioheatExpand
A new optimization methodology of the linear generator for wave energy conversion systems
This paper presents a novel methodology including human intervened GA for the design, analysis, and graphical optimization of an LG which is basically a direct drive system based oceanic wave energy converter to maximize output power. Expand
Simplified models for coupled heat and mass transfer in falling-film absorbers
A linearized coupled model is developed for the heat and mass transfer in falling-film absorbers. Its accuracy is established by comparing the predictions with those of a non-linear model and aExpand
Experimental and numerical study of an evaporatively-cooled condenser of air-conditioning systems
The performance of an air-conditioning unit with evaporately-cooled condenser coil is studied experimentally and numerically. An experimental setup is fabricated by retrofitting a commerciallyExpand
Fundamental formulation of a modified LMTD method to study indirect evaporative heat exchangers
Abstract An analytical model for indirect evaporative heat exchangers has been developed via a modified log mean temperature difference (LMTD) method designed for sensible heat exchangers. TheExpand
Theoretical analysis of a liquid desiccant based indirect evaporative cooling system
A compact desiccant-evaporative HMX (heat and mass exchanger) has been proposed by combining the benefits of the regenerative indirect evaporative cooling and the liquid desiccant dehumidification.Expand