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Interactions of thiyl free radicals with oxygen: a pulse radiolysis study.
A pulse radiolysis study of glutathione in aqueous solution at pH 5.5 containing N2O/O2 mixtures at various ratios indicates that oxygen rapidly adds to the thiyl glutathione radical yielding aExpand
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Radiolysis of glutathione in oxygen-containing solutions of pH7.
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The oxygen effect in radiation inactivation of DNA and enzymes.
  • M. Quintiliani
  • Chemistry, Medicine
  • International journal of radiation biology and…
  • 1 October 1986
A survey is made of literature data dealing with the influence of oxygen on radiation effects in biologically active DNA and enzymes irradiated extracellularly. There is evidence that oxygen takesExpand
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The inactivation of alcohol dehydrogenase by x-rays and the dose-modifying effect of some added substances.
The inactivation yield of yeast alcohol dehydrogenase in 0.05 M phosphate buffer, pH 7, was found to be 0.14 molecule per 100 eV. The apparent yield was constant in the range 0.1 to 1 mg/ml, showingExpand
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Primary and secondary radicals in the radiation-induced inactivation of yeast alcoholdehydrogenase.
SummaryRadiation inactivation of YADH in dilute aqueous solution that does not contain oxygen is due to H atoms and OH radicals, whose inactivating efficiencies are in the ratio 9 : 1. The sameExpand
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Reactions of radiation-induced I-, I2- and I3- with alcohol dehydrogenase and aldolase.
SummaryPulse-radiolysis experiments are described on the reactions occurring between the enzymes, yeast alcohol dehydrogenase (ADH) and rabbit muscle adolase (ALD), and radiation-induced transientExpand
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SummaryA number of compounds more or less related to iodoacetic acid (IAA) have been tested for their radiosensitizing effect on rabbit erythrocytes.As reported previously, red cells irradiated inExpand
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Modification by iodine compounds of the inactivation yield of enzymes irradiated in vitro with x-rays and ultra-violet-light.
SummaryThe effect of sodium iodide, iodopropionic acid and methyl iodide on the inactivation by x- and u.v.-irradiation of alcohol dehydrogenase, glyceraldehyde dehydrogenase, hexokinase and lacticExpand
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