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Turbulenz in Cirruswolken mittlerer Breiten
Die Tubulenzstruktur in Cirruswolken der mittleren Breiten wurde basieren auf umfassenden Flugzeugmessungen erschlossen. Cirrusturbulenz ist moderat ausgepragt und quasi-zweidimensional. Sie trittExpand
Operative Therapie und Nachbehandlung der Rotatorenmanschettenruptur – Aktueller Stand
Rotator cuff repair is mainly carried out using the mini-open method, which is nowadays regarded as gold standard in German hospitals. Expand
Finanzierbarkeit der modernen Skoliosechirurgie unter den Bedingungen des DRG-Systems
Due to constant efforts a general improvement took place in the assessment of DRG I06, the losses incurred could be lowered to 38% and in I06D to 22% in 2008 and further improvements are required. Expand
Die operative Behandlung der adulten Skoliose
This review focuses on the special indications for vertebral body cement augmentation in patients with osteoporosis and the problem of adjacent level degeneration and its surgical management. Expand
Laserevozierte Potentiale: der diagnostische Zugang zur Hinterwurzel
Functional diagnostics of the dorsal root are especially effective via nociceptive fibers on account of less intersegmental overlap compared to large-diameter fibers of the mechanoreceptive afferents. Expand
Die extrem laterale interkorporelle Fusion
Current results indicate that XLIF is a safe and reproducible technique for deformities, adjacent level disease, and instability. Expand
Transforaminale lumbale interkorporelle Fusion zur Versorgung der degenerativen Spondylolisthese
This study evaluated results of transforaminal lumbar interbody fusion in patients with monosegmental DS and adjacent degenerative disc disease and found retention and fusion is a good treatment option. Expand