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Chirality in diarylether heptanoids: synthesis of myricatomentogenin, jugcathanin, and congeners.
The syntheses of myricatomentogenin, jugcathanin, galeon, pterocarine, and acerogenin L are reported. Synthetic material was used to measure their optical activities and free energy of activation forExpand
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Enantioselective Ullmann ether couplings: syntheses of (-)-myricatomentogenin, (-)-jugcathanin, (+)-galeon, and (+)-pterocarine.
The first enantioselective Ullmann cross-coupling reactions to prepare diaryl ethers are reported. The reactions were used to prepare the diarylether heptanoid natural productsExpand
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The garuganin and garugamblin diarylether heptanoids: total synthesis and determination of chiral properties using dynamic NMR.
The synthesis of the garuganin and garugamblin diarylether heptanoids using an intramolecular Ullmann coupling is reported. Alkene stereoisomers, vinylogous ester regioisomers, and β-diketoneExpand
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The nature of persistent conformational chirality, racemization mechanisms, and predictions in diarylether heptanoid cyclophane natural products.
Restricted rotations of chemical bonds can lead to the presence of persistent conformational chirality in molecules lacking stereocenters. We report the development of first-of-a-kind predictiveExpand
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Total synthesis of russuphelol: a case of mistaken chirality.
The chlorohydroquinone tetramer, russuphelol, does not have stereocenters; however, it was reported as a chiral optically active substance with stable enantiomeric conformations. The natural productExpand
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Bio-inspired oxidative phenolic coupling: Total synthesis of the diarylether heptanoid (.+-.)-pterocarine
Abstract The diaryletherheptanoid natural product, pterocarine, is expeditiously synthesized using a bioinspired intramolecular oxidative phenolic coupling of acerogenin G. The cyclization precursorExpand
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Estimation of 5’-Nucleotidase from blood of women with Toxoplasma gondii parasites
5’-Nucleotidase (5’-NT) is a phosphatase enzyme that works on Nucleoside-5-monophosphate like adenosine-5-mono-phosphate , 5’-NT is a protein In vitro fertilization of the plasma membrane in a largeExpand
Enantioselective Ullmann Ether Couplings: Syntheses of (—)‐Myricatomentogenin (VIII), (—)‐Jugcathanin (X), (+)‐Galeon (III), and (+)‐Pterocarine (IV).
The optimized Ullmann ether couplings by using N-methyl-L-proline as chiral catalyst render possible the enantioselective cyclization of compounds (I) and (V) to give the axial chiral cyclophaneExpand
Total synthesis and conformational study of ovalifoliolatin B
Abstract The diaryletherheptanoid natural product, ovalifoliolatin B, was synthesized. The synthesis features a regioselective reduction of a conjugated dienone and an intramolecular UllmannExpand