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Simultaneous determination of losartan and hydrochlorothiazide in tablets by high-performance liquid chromatography.
A method for the simultaneous determination of losartan potassium and hydrochlorothiazide in tablets is described. The procedure, based on the use of reversed-phase high-performance liquidExpand
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Determination of silymarine in the extract from the dried silybum marianum fruits by high performance liquid chromatography and capillary electrophoresis.
Silybine (SBN), isosilybine (ISBN), silycristine (SCN), silydianine (SDN), and taxifoline (TXF) are the main active flavanoids, generally found in the dried fruits of silybum marianum. TheExpand
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Role of endogenous reverse transcriptase in murine early embryo development
We report that a reverse transcriptase (RT) activity is present in early cleavage stage embryos as determined by a Polymerase chain reaction (PCR)‐based detection assay. In an attempt to establishExpand
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HPTLC and reflectance mode densitometry of anthocyanins in Malva silvestris L.: a comparison with gradient-elution reversed-phase HPLC.
Aqueous alcoholic mallow flower extracts were analyzed both by HPTLC-densitometry in the reflectance mode at 530 nm and by reversed-phase HPLC with gradient elution. For the mallow flowerExpand
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Characterization of cocaine and heroin samples as a function of their trace element content: An analytical pilot study
Abstract A number of addictive drugs, namely cocaine and heroin, of various sources, confiscated by the Italian police at the time of being illegally imported, were analyzed for their content ofExpand
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Use of nano-liquid chromatography for the analysis of glycyrrhizin and glycyrrhetic acid in licorice roots and candies.
Glycyrrhizin (G) and glycyrrhetic acid (GA) were separated by using nano-liquid chromatography (nano-LC) in a fused silica capillary packed with RP18 stationary phase (75 microm ID, effective lengthExpand
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Determination of MPTP, a toxic impurity of pethidine.
Pethidine, predominantly a mu-receptor agonist, is a phenyl-piperidinic synthetic drug. It is used in the management of moderate to several pain. A possible hydrolytic degradation of an ester groupExpand
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Analysis of new serotonergic anxiolytics by liquid chromatography.
A simple isocratic procedure was developed for the analysis of new serotonergic anxiolytics and the related compounds in bulk materials, pharmaceutical formulations and in biological samples. TheExpand
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