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Les neuropathies dites nutritionnelles au Sénégal
La comparaison avec des affections identiques decrites principalement par les auteurs anglo-saxons, dans la ceinture tropicale, suggere l'intervention du facteur nutritionnel dans le declenchement de ces troubles, d'ou leur denomination de neuropathies nutritionnelles. Expand
Ocular blast injuries.
[Postoperative secondary divergent strabismus. Statistical analysis of 160 consecutive exotropias].
The computerized analysis of 160 consecutive exotropias reveals the compound nature of their motor impairments and the resulting surgical planning made according to the various abnormal parameters had allowed the achievement of a good motor result in 89% of the cases. Expand
[Epidemiological and clinical aspects of Stilling-Turk-Duane syndrome].
Data provided by this study allowed us to analyse the clinical and epidemiological features of the Stilling-Turk-Duane's syndrome and describe and classify clinical forms not described by Malbran's classification. Expand
[The new surgery of functional esotropias (author's transl)].
The authors explain the various pratical conclusions which result from their study and underline that more than 60-70% convergent squints in children have a apastic component, and to overcome it classical procedures alone are fully unfitted. Expand
[The new surgery of functional esotropias (Faden operation and classical technics) (author's transl)].
The electrooculographic recordings prove that motor troubles are certainly related with primitive visual impairments, and the frequent surgical cure means the muscle operations have a binding effect of proprioceptive nature on the central motor disorders. Expand